my top 10 travel essentials for her

It seems as though I’ll be spending the majority of this month sleeping in a bed other than my home due to lots of family trips + work travel, which is why it seems like the perfect time to chat with you and share 10 essentials I never leave home without. And yes, the travel bug got me again… I am THRILLED beyond measure to see so many of you out there enjoying your Spring Break and going to the places you love the most!

top 10 travel essentials for her featured by hello happiness.
lara maxi dress | large suitcase | merly jacket | neoprene tote

I’ll be the first to admit that I overpack every single time, but I make a point to always travel with these essentials so that I can pack an extra pair of shoes [or two] and still have room for all the souvenirs and random purcahses I always seem to come home with.

So, check out my top 10 trip essentials and hopefully this way you can jet set easily + efficiently with these, too:

top 10 travel essentials for her featured by hello happiness.

travel essentials for her:

one. the purse organizer | I stumbled across this invention months ago and totally forgot to share it with y’all… probably because it’s been used in my LV Neverfull from the moment I shopped it from Amazon. It’s under $30 and is perfect for keeping all your goodies organized in your tote. Lots of storage pockets, a zipper for ensuring nothing of value falls out, and comes in a ton of sizes/colors/styles depending on your bag’s size and shape. You can also grab different sizes/shapes/colors depending on the bag you’re wanting to organize.

two. packing cubes | Get ready to completely upgrade your packing game if you haven’t already. tThese zippered cubes make it easy to separate your clothing by category, outfit, you name it, and it even comes with a bag for laundry. You get 7 pieces for under $25 and have a plethora of color choices to choose from – major win for everyone in your packing party!

three. the merly denim jacket | You already know this piece rarely fails to be a part of my airport ensemble. It is truly the perfect denim jacket that pairs with anything, is lightweight for easy carrying and comes in a relaxed fit that layers effortlessly to take you through ranging temps. Plus you can score 15% off with my code NATASHA15 so there are no excuses necessary!

four. clear toiletry bags | An overall essential, but a carry-on must have in my mind! These clear toiletry bags make airport security a breeze, but also eliminates the need to dump everything out to find what you’re looking for! They come in a variety of colors and set sizes + I’m not sure what I ever did without these.

five. a portable phone charger | Need I say more? If there’s one thing we all need more of, it’s usually phone battery so this portable charger will be a life saver time and time again. The slim, lightweight design makes it totally travel friendly and easy to use anywhere you are [grab one for the kids and their iPads, too]

six. a travel pillow | I think we’d all like to make it easier to catch some z’s whether it’s in the clouds or the car so insert the neck pillow. Yes, if you haven’t succumbed to purchasing one of these, let me tell you you’re missing out! Do yourself a favor and snag this super cute ‘happy place’ pillow, it’s under $25, covered in a soft microfiber, and made for easy travel

seven. comfortable sneakers | While I am all for a cute airport outfit, the comfort of my shoes is something I don’t negotiate on. My favorite sneaks are just that because you aren’t compromising on style or comfort and they’re easy to slide on and off if you’re going through airport security. They also ome in a wide selection of styles and the price point is just right!! [run TTS]

eight. ifly luggage | It doesn’t get much more essential than luggage + while there are so many to choose from, Iwon’t be straying from my ifly set anytime soon. Every since I ordered these, I’ve been raving about them and get countless compliments on the mint shade when traveling [no more trying to find out which suitcase is yours on the carousel at the airport]. The set is ultra affordable [under $250 for all 3 pieces] and the hard exterior, 360 wheels, and carry handles work together seamlessly. Trust me on this one!

nine. getaway pill case | This might not be the most exciting on the list, but practical indeed. A good pill organizer goes a long way when you want to make sure you’re prepared for anything. With 8 compartments that you can label however you like and a cute case to carry it in, you simply can’t pass on this practical piece to keep all your daily supplements and vitamins in one place.

ten. airpods [case too] and a good book |okay let’s get to the real essential stuff, all things entertainment. I don’t leave home without my airpods for all the movies and shows because they’re comfortable and block outside noise better than any others [mostly Jeff, too]. And of course I always bring good book along too. Coming with me to Paris is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which I’ve heard only rave reviews about!!!

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