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I feel like hundreds of you have been requesting this hair care routine for so dang long that I finally broke down and filmed a proper hair tutorital this past weekend. It’s a full 20 minutes in long-form length, though I won’t blame you if you fast forward to the nitty gritty details on how I curl.

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Suffice to say that even though I cut my hair shorter, I still have a ton of it so it takes awhile for my beloved Dyson to work its magic, but between using a new customized shampoo + conditioner and a few other hair care essentials, my hair has never felt or looked healthier so a proper update for my mane routine is much warranted:

My Current hair Care Routine

I’ve been using Function of Beauty for the past three months and I have seen a night and day difference in my hair since I changed out my shampoo and conditioner. At first, I worked with them on a collaboration, though I’ve been so satisfied with it that I’ve continued to use it and subscribe to have it delivered every other month! The best thing about their haircare is that it is completely custom to you based on your hair type and goals.

Hair Care Routine by popular Nashville beauty blog, Hello Happiness: image of Function shampoo and conditioner bottles.

For instance, my duo was created to help combat frizz, protect my color, fix split ends, and also lengthen and strengthen. You simply go to their website to take the 4-part quiz, select the scents and colors you want for your product and then they come delivered directly to your door = easy and efficient. And for reference, I get the “takes two to mang” fragrance and it smells great!

Next up are my go-to products for smoothing out and adding texture to my strands as well as the go-to dry shampoo I can’t live without.

Bumble and Bumble Invisible Hairdresser’s Oil | Hands down my go-to spray for helping prime and protect my hair from heat and a leave-in that conditions as well. It definitely helps smooth out my thick, coarse hair and shields from harmful UV rays for an added benefit. Simply spray on towel-dried hair, comb through and then style!

Pureology Refresh + Go Dry Shampoo | I’ve raved about this product for months and I thank my dear Taylor for introducing me to the world’s best dry shampoo [and yes I speak the truth as I have tried so many other ones out there]. Put it this way, this one caused me to bid adieu to Living Proof and that’s not an easy task. The scent is great, perfect for removing excess dirt and oils on days 2/3 in between washes and it is great for blondes, though doesn’t leave the powder residue either.

Navy Pebble Beach Dry Texture Spray | I collaborate with Navy Haircare years ago and I’ve still yet to find a product that works as well for giving you extra volume and texture as well as this spray. Just be sure to spray 8-10 inches from your hair and in areas where you want definition [for me that’s the crown and ends].

Wet Brush with Mirror | So good I had to order two for the girls because they kept taking mine! It’s great for all hair types, detangles without the pain and I love the mirror on the back so you can see if you’ve missed spots when styling.

Dyson AirWrap Styler | I’m ALWAYS on the hunt when these go on sale because yes, I am aware it’s a major investment for your hair. But is it worth it?? 100% hands down YES. I’ve yet to find an all-in-one hair tool that works as well as my AirWrap. I love the various attachments that come with and the various heat settings and temperatures, too. It has definitely helped repair my hair because you use far less heat.

T3 Singlepass X Straightening Iron | I’ve been a loyal customer to T3 for more than 5 years now and I still have yet to find better hair tools than their lineup. As you’ll see in my video, I run this straightening iron through my hair to give my blunt lob cut it’s straight ends and tame those pesky cowlicks, but I love the fact it’s fully heated in under a minute and helps protect the shine!

T3 Singlepass 1.25″ Curling Iron | So nice I bought it twice. Yep, I said goodbye to my fav curling iron when it finally bit the bullet last year and purchased the same exact one that very same day because I love it so much. I’m the traditional type when it comes to curling irons and this 1/25″ barrel is great for any length of hair. A good tip is to always curl away from your face and if you want blunt ends don’t curl the ends!

Hair Care Routine by popular Nashville beauty blog, Hello Happiness: collage image of hair brushes, hair clips, hair products, T3 hair straightener, and Dyson hair dryer.

And of course, now for the mane event and what you’re most likely here to see… the full length feature film [haha yeah right, editing video is so not my strong suit] of how I fix my hair. Thankfully with the tools and products I mentioned above, I can dry and style my hair in 20 minutes from start to finish so it’s not a super long process– because this gal has places to be and people to see. As always, I hope these tutorials help!!

What is your current hair care routine? Let me know in a comment below!

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