Top 5 At Home Beauty Products To Try Right Now

We are home ALL DAY EVERYDAY which means every day should be a day of beauty.  Well, I wish it was just that easy and I’m sure you do, too. I keep thinking about singles AKA non-married friends right now–not that quarantine is easy for them, but not having to worry about teaching school or cooking three meals a day might be a nice distraction if only for a few days.

Having said that, it is reassuring not having to worry about scaring someone in the car rider drop-off line at school or running into everybody and their mom at Target [at least they won’t notice me since they can barely see my face wish my mask on]… SO get those beauty treatment masks out of hiding, dust off the dermaplane razor and get to making this quarantine all about at-home beauty.

I’m always shopping for the best in beauty… whether it’s from Walmart or Target, Ulta or Sephora or my go-to Nordstrom, it’s a totally acceptable time to try some new beauty finds and get your face, body and hair glowing for when we can finally bust out + bid adieu to COVID, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Today I am back sharing five must-have at home beauty products to take advantage of right here + now… products I swear by use on the regular and ones I think you should add to your beauty arsenal as well!


ONE. Beauty Bio GloPro Microneedloing Tool

Hands down, I believe this is the best thing you can buy for DIY microneedling at home. I’ve been using my Glo Pro for over a year now and my skin has never felt better… I grabbed the extra attachments [including the eye, lip, face and body tips] and have used them each weekly and can tell a significant difference in the tone of my skin as well as the overall softness. Not to mention it helps ALL my skincare do their job even better! 

Top 5 At Home Beauty Products To Try Right Now featured by top Nashville beauty blogger, Hello Happiness

TWO. PMD Beauty Microdermabrasion Tool

OK, so I just grabbed this during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it’s safe to say I am HOOKED. Not only does it help brighten, smooth and even out your skin’s texture and tone, but it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as pesky blemishes and enlarged pores so your makeup and skincare penetrate deeper into your skin. I love that it gives you the same in-office microdermabrasion results from the convenience of home! It features dual settings and a range of discs that help customize the level of pressure/suction you want as well. P.S. you’ll want to use this JUST once each week!

Top 5 At Home Beauty Products To Try Right Now featured by top Nashville beauty blogger, Hello Happiness

THREE. Colleen Rothschild Quench and Shine Restorative Hair Mask 

My hair is ALWAYS in need of some major TLC, and I have a feeling you other “blondes” out there can understand this sentiment very well! i first discovered this product last year when I met with the CR team in Dallas and it has become one of my weekly self-care activities that helps me combat the constant heat + humidity + styling on my hair. It contains three unique butters that helps moisturize and hydrate, something I need even moreso after a summer in the sun! I like to use it on Sundays when I am doing all my other skin + hair routines and it totally makes my hair shine + feel super smooth afterwards.

Top 5 At Home Beauty Products To Try Right Now featured by top Nashville beauty blogger, Hello Happiness

FOUR. Loving Tan Ulta Dark Self Tanning Mousse

You’ve heard me talk about this for MONTHS as it continues to be one of my best-sellers from Amazon and it’s because it’s been the ONLY at-home faux glow that lasts for more than 3 days and gives the best dark, natural looking tan we are all in search of. The quick dry formula is fantastic and I love that it doesn’t have a bold scent, plus it develops really quickly with no streaks. If I haven’t sold you on this yet, grab it NOW! I also use this easy peasy applicator mitt. + back applicator tool, too. No need for a spray tan with this one in your routine!

Top 5 At Home Beauty Products To Try Right Now featured by top Nashville beauty blogger, Hello Happiness

FIVE. The Billie Razor

Finally, let’s talk about the beloved Billie razor. I know many of you out there have been converted just like me and so much so that I ordered a second razor for my at-home dermaplaning AKA shaving your face. Bid adieu to pesky peach fuzz with this razor that totally gets your skin as smooth as silk AND saves you money. Begin with the starter kit that’s just $9 and then you can select how often they ship you new cartridges… P.S. I’ve tried the dry shampoo and it’s a great budget friendly find as well.



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