Dear Carson.. Happy 5th Birthday Beautiful!

My little baby Carson…

You came into this world two weeks earlier than any of us expected and I should’ve known then that you would march to the beat of your own drum my little one! Five years–where have they come and gone?

What once was a 6 pound, 8 ounce little scrumptious baby girl has turned into this five year old with a larger-than-life personality who is constantly amazing me with her vivacious personality, strong willpower to push the boundaries and is my forever wild child who gives me more joy than I ever thought possible. We called you “easy baby” and I know the big guy up above is laughing at us during this season of life because my nugget, you’re anything but easy now [though I wouldn’t change it for anything].

You’re full of life and won’t take no for an answer… you act first, think second and I know you get that from me so maybe you’re boisterous personality will serve you well in life Tink. You love to sing, dance and perform whenever possible and I’m hoping I can talk you into singing lessons because you’ve got a real gift my little lady. You’re SO close to reading and love to read every night before bed–it’s crazy to think in two short months you will start kindergarten and I have all the faith in the world you’ll do incredible things at school. More than anything, you’re excited for a big kid lunchbox and to get to ride the bus with your big sister to school.

Still a lover of all things yellow, that happy hue completely matches you my darling. You’re happy and cheerful and go all out in everything you do and are still the accessory queen–a lover of all things purses, money and makeup. You love to play games, get active outside, swim in the pool, fly kites, play with animals and ride your bike. It’s funny to see you learn and grow and take in everything around you and you’re completely inquisitive which can be troublesome for me as you keep us on our toes all the time!

I hope you know how loved you are Carson… you completed our little foursome perfectly and we love you the most in the world our little Nugget!

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