{For Love of the Game}

to put it mildly, i am obsessed with UT football… not the kind of fan who simply cheers for the team when they’re doing well and is all about an SEC Championship team, but i’m the person who loves them win OR lose–for this season, we’ll point the fingers to the L side a bit–but we’ve got a brand new coaching staff with some terrible leftovers that i can’t wait to see leave{johnathon crompton, what??} back to the story: this weekend was the infamous UT/AU game where we were praying for a victory because we have so many War Eagle fans, but even after our come from behind scoring in the 3rd and 4th quarters, we couldn’t defeat the Tigers… on the other hand, we did have gorgeous weather for the day and tailgated for a whopping 9 hours- yes we like to think we are still in college although we were all paying for it the next day! hope you like the pictures =)
Setting Up the Tailgate– 11th Street Garage!!
Part of our Spread– Chick Fil A Catered= GREAT Idea
More Homemade Goodies (Recipes to Come)
haley, candice, me, meg, aid, cami, rachel, and kristin
My Best Friend in the World
The Cowans– Aren’t They Cute???
(and yes she looks so much like Reese Witherspoon- HA!)
The “Other” Team – HAHA
Downtown Knox Background- Look at that Sky!!
Me and My Other Host!!
Us With the Monkey Man!
Nothing Better Than Saturday Night Lights
Dance Party After the Game


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