Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Dad...They Say It's His Birthday

He's a lover of Aerosmith, online poker, taking pictures, traveling, Budweiser and Jack Daniels, baseball, romantic comedies, and keeps us all entertained and he is my dad. He is a great man, and a funny one, too! If you're looking for a good laugh, look no further...I get my sass from him and his super talent is how fast he can calculate math in his head...yep, he's pretty special!
Today we are celebrating this sweet guy with celebrations at his favorite restaurant for dinner and showing him how much we love and treasure him. Dad, you're a wonderful father, friend, and an amazing Pappy to Caroline and Carson and we are so thankful you're in our make everyday better and you're the bestest friend anyone could ever have (in my best The Hangover song). Love you SO much!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Five on Friday...Fall Rounds

Amen to this! It's been in the mid to upper 70s this week in Nashville and I am itching for more fall to come our way... bring on scarves, booties, hot apple cider, and pumpkin goodness from everywhere. Here are this week's five little tidbits and goodies:
One. I read about these Mini Apple Cider Pound Cakes in the latest issue of Southern Living and I am rounding up all the ingredients to make them ASAP. Apple cider anything makes me a happy happy girl!
Two. I'm not much of a hat girl, but I am swooning over this one at Nordstrom. Call me crazy, but is there any way I can maybe pull this off?? I need some diversity for fall outfits and the price on this one makes me feel like I can "sample" the goods and if it doesn't work I haven't made a crazy expensive purchase.
Three. Speaking of fall activities, my Aunt sent me a link with all sorts of fun events and adventures for the next few months in and around Nashville and I am so excited to partake in some of this with the girls and Jeff...hello pumpkin patch, apple picking, Bell Buckle craft fair, Oktoberfest, and anything else we manage to cram in.
Four. New Front Door Decor! I'm scouting everywhere I can to find a fun new fall wreath for our front gosh I wish I was craftier in this department because it's so dang expensive to find one I love. Anybody find a great option I should know about??
Five. When I was searching for a fun surprise to bring the girls back from Arizona, I might have stumbled across matching PINK Hunter wellies for fall and winter...not such a "local" gift, but necessary nonetheless, right? Caroline won't take hers off and Carson seems to think they taste good on her gums while she is teething (molars are coming in...yay :/). Now my predicament is I might have to jump on the pink bandwagon and get some of the Packable/AKA Tour Boots-anybody have these?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Travel Trip Rewind...Scottsdale Arizona

It was a whirlwind 4-day adventure to the wild, wild west, but we came, we saw, and we left fat, happy, and dehydrated from yummy adult beverages, for isn't that what you do on a relaxing couple's trip? Here is a little rewind/snapshot into our adventure:
We left Nashville early Thursday morning and jetted out to arrive in Scottsdale to get the afternoon started. Gaining two hours always helps, too so once we picked up our suitcases and rental car (Betsy the Buick), we ventured to Postino for lunch . Luckily for us, it was all day happy hour so we dove into yummy bruschetta and vino to get into prime "relaxation mode". We then headed to the hotel to get checked in and walk around the Phoenician resort...GORGEOUS with perfect scenery, amazing pool/spa facilities, and the boys said the golf was really good too. We then spent the remainder of the afternoon at the pool and taking it easy. Thursday night, we went to Cowboy Ciao for dinner and had the most amazing table side chopped must order if you go there! I had the Confit and Cornbread for dinner which was out of this world. Afterwards, we headed home and called it a night since it had been a very long day of travel.
 yes, we are in a liquor store :) 
the grounds at the resort
 the driver and the navigator
 lounging with my sweetie
Friday morning, the boys left early and headed to play 18 holes while Andrea and I had breakfast onsite at il Terrazo. Then we hit the ground running, checking out local shops and then doing some shopping at the Fashion Square Mall, which now I see why everyone raves about is SO much better than the shopping we have in Nashville. I was motivated to find something for myself, but matching Hunter rainboots for the girls were much more important to bring home instead.
After the boys wrapped up their game, we headed to Relish for lunch, and downed some hamburgers and fries...see, we really went all out in the food light bites for us! That afternoon, we hit up the pool again and then went to a late dinner at The Mission. Hands down, best atmosphere by far and the guacamole was out of this world good. Afterwards, we indulged the boys' request and went to Topgolf, which was surprisingly way more fun than I imagined. It's basically like bowling lanes, but with a driving range with huge light up holes...too much fun for groups and I hope one of these opens in Nashville! I can admit I may have missed a few balls (or 10), but it was a great time had by all and really something different, too.
 poolside reading...nothing like it
Saturday morning rolled around quickly and the boys went back for another round of golf, while Andrea and I headed to another local eatery, The Henry, for so good! We met them back and then spent a few hours lounging at the pool AKA people watching and then we went and had massages that afternoon at the spa...much needed, too!  Early that night, we headed to a local sports bar to watch the UT/Oklahoma game (BOO) and then walked to Citizen Public House for dinner.
For our final day, we took a local's advice and had brunch at Olive and Ivy and I might have indulged in an incredibly huge cinnamon role to round out my weekend of food fun. Oh well, it was worth it. We had a few hours to kill so we checked out of the resort and then went and saw a movie...random I know, but by that point, we were exhausted and needed some mindless entertainment. Then we headed to the airport, flew home, and finally made it into bed around midnight...I'd say it was a perfect long weekend trip, made better with quality time with my hubby and great friends! I'd also totally recommend Scottsdale for a fun weekend getaway, too.
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