Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Put a Little ZING™ in Your Step! ​

An all new sweetener has just come out on the market and I'm excited to be partnering with Born Sweet™ Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener today to tell you all about this AMAZING sweet product.
First of all, Zing™ is made with only REAL ingredients -- nothing artificial, as the sweetness is derived from Mother Nature's stevia plant and it contains ZERO calories...YAY for this gal who likes to save her calories on other splurges throughout her week! Let's face it... I'm not harvesting my own garden anytime soon nor am I composting our trash on the regular, but if this is a way I can get some delicious sweetness added into my life, well then I will take it!
Usually, I find myself using these handy dandy single packets at home for my morning coffee or to sprinkle on top of a fruit salad when I need a bit of sweetness added to my daily routine, but lately I have been tossing a few single serving packets in my purse to use when I'm out and about, stopping at a coffee shop or restaurant so I don't have to use one of the other additives that I'm not too fond of. Even better, it tastes SO good in my afternoon smoothies, too! I love the fact I only need to use one packet, as that gives the sweetness of 2 regular packets of sugar as well.
Give your taste buds something new to be excited about, try new Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener for yourself! Want to purchase some for yourself?? You can find Zing™ in the sweetener aisle of grocery stores and large merchandisers nationwide... AND if you visit their website at, you can request a Free Sample of Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener, plus a $1.50 Coupon! (You all know I love me some coupons.)

Interested in winning a $100 Visa gift card to use to sweeten up your life? 
Answer this... Which one of your favorite beverages are you most excited to mix Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener into first? GOOD LUCK!
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The Official Rules are available here.
This sweepstakes runs from 3/25/15 – 4/21/15.
Be sure to visit the Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Caroline's House of Pancakes... The Pajama Party Rewind!

I think this was my favorite party to date my dears... filled with lots of love, homemade touches, a funfetti layered cake, and my sweet three year old who was surrounded with love with so many friends and family who came to celebrate her special day! Here's a little recap with links to sources included at the bottom!
Party assembly came into full swing late last week and this crazy mama was running around gluing and taping and getting everything ready for a perfect pancake pj day...
Trader Joe's always comes to my rescue... gorgeous and bright colored stems for a springtime soiree
Our fun little beverage station... complete with pink coffee cups, sleeves,
and lids and all the coffee, tea, and hot cocoa you could imagine!

Favors this go around included Krispy Kreme sprinkled donut with custom tags that read "DONUT I'd Do Without a Friend Like You"...
My birthday girl and I in our yummies... yes, this was SO much fun and we were comfy, too! 
 Adult beverages are a must... fun cocktails for the older kids ;)
 All sorts of yummy treats were on the menu... yogurt and granola parfaits and chocolate chip pancake muffins for the win!
 And don't forget about the Fruit Loop Treats.. I ate my weight in those goodies! 
 My proud little baking confection... all by myself :) 
The topping station... complete with maple syrup, Hershey's chocolate syrup, bananas, strawberries, almonds, whipped cream, sprinkles and blueberries, too
 Cupcakes for our guests with fun toppers
 Yeah... Sister wasn't wanting to pose, but at least we tried! 
 Blowing out her big 3 firecracker candle!!!
 My favorite... little milk bottles for the kids (and adults, too) 
 More food and tablescape fun!
 You know I love any excuse to use my favorite chalkboard
So, there you have it... another birthday party down in the books! Thanks for reading along and sharing in all the goodness that was Caroline's big day. And no worries, I've already started plotting Carson's 2nd birthday ;)

Paper Goods (Invites, Tags, Food Tents, Banner, Cupcake Toppers, Etc): Beth Hart Designs
Caroline and Carson's Floral Pajamas: Eleanor Rose
My Zebra Pajamas: Target
Striped Cocktail Napkins // Straws // : Homegoods
Coffee Cups, Lids, Plates, Napkins, Cutlery, Cake Candle, Etc: Party City and Target
Plastic Milk Bottles and Coffee Cup Sleeves: 3 Sweet Memories on Etsy
Chalkboard Cake Banner: Target
Instagram Pictures: Postal Pix

Friday, March 20, 2015

five on friday

One. Makeup Beauty Brow Marker // Powder Set 
Back to talk more about beauty and my new found fascination with this set to help fill in your brows... yes, I have extremely light eyebrows so I have to "draw mine in" everyday. My kind friends at We See Beauty saw my need for some help in the eye department and kindly sent me this Brow Set to make it easier... and yes, it is THAT good and any novice // expert can do it, too. The powder is great, but my favorite has to be the pen... I start by using that to draw and define, and then fill in with the powder. It took me a few attempts to get it right, but I can totally tell a difference and I think it makes me look more "complete" when my makeup is on. Pardon my wet hair in the picture below as well as my practice face on learning how to contour properly, but I have one before and one after so you can see the difference! New found beauty love right here...
Two. Day of Birthday Fun
Tuesday, I played hookie... just like my Mom used to do when I had my adolescent birthdays oh so long ago. I took off and spent all day with my big three year old, galavanting around town, brunching with Mimi, doing a little bit of sandal shopping, indulging in popcorn and the new Cinderella movie, and then met up with Jeff and sister so we could partake in some gourmet dinner festivities at Chuck E Cheese. It was a day devoted to my best big girl and we had a ball!! That's the good stuff my friends... the days spent making memories I will forever cherish. Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!
Three. Beach Time Countdown
It's inching closer and closer and I think I need to set a countdown calendar on my phone just so I won't forget what's coming our way... BEACH ME! Less than two months to go and I know by then we will all be in major need of a scenery change.. i.e. sand and sun! Looks like I need to be getting my booty and diet in check soon because I might have fallen off the wagon these past few weeks due to sickness and travel and birthday parties oh my. There truly is nothing better than a week at the beach... now only if I could convince Jeff that two weeks sounds better than one ;).
Four. Anniversary Number One
I'm working like a mad woman trying to get things ready to celebrate Sugar Bit's one year anniversary!! I cannot believe my little shop has been open for almost an entire year... there have been some hard lessons learned, loads of tears (mostly happy ones), and I am still loving it more than ever. Cannot wait to share some new things we have coming for our incredible customers and friends and I thank you for following along this crazy retail business journey with me!
Five. The Infamous Chore Chart
I've been researching how // when // the best way to start a chore chart for Caroline and thanks to my girl Jenny Collier, I now have a handy dandy chore chart printed out for us to use to help us learn how to put toys away, brush our teeth [properly], help put away clothes, etc. Loving this so much and I will be venturing to Kinko's to get this laminated ASAP. P.S. looking for other printables / colors? See her archives for amazing printables here.
Now I'm off... driving around Nashville today, loading up on party food at Costco, tackling all the people at Trader Joe's so I can get all the best flowers, and then tearing up my kitchen as I'm in full on party prep mode for tomorrow's party for my darling CC. And yes, full, crazy picture overload party recap to come next week! Have a wonderful weekend friends...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Design Gem Studio... Feature and Giveaway!

You know I am all about the happiness and incorporating it into our daily lives... and finding little happies along the way to share gets me giddy every time!
Today I am introducing you to Design Gem Studio by way of Taylor Todd who created her shop on Etsy in 2012 right after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. With a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and a love for color and product design, her passions have merged into a thriving small business. Design Gem offers customers unique and thoughtfully designed gift items that focus on fun colors and inspiring sayings... hello, she is speaking my love language!
Her store's motto is "gifts for your life's biggest treasures", and Taylor loves that she gets to be a part her customers biggest moments. From custom wall prints for a new baby to personalized pencils for your child's first day of school or an address stamp for newlyweds, Taylor loves that Design Gem products are gifted for such special occasions. You can see more of her products here.
A few of my personal faves include the custom rubber stamps (I did one with my business stats included), the Work Hard and Be Kind pencils, as well as the Do What You Love graphic art.  Wanting to win a tumbler and set of pencils for yourself?? And something else perhaps, too...Check out the Rafflecopter widget below to enter my friends! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dear Caroline... You Are Three Years Old!

How is it possible that today marks 3 years since you entered this world my love? It seems like just yesterday I was feeling you kick, listening to your hiccups inside my belly, and then miraculously hearing you cry for the first time when you finally made your debut... on your due date no less.
These yearly updates//letters to you bring me so much joy to write as I sit there, thinking about just how much has transpired this past year. It's surreal to look back at 2012 and 2013 and to see you've grown leaps and bounds (literally and figuratively) in every sense of the word and I cannot help but get sentimental at the idea that my 1st baby is growing up way too quickly and these years are passing by in an instant.
So, what's going on with you these days my Tuttie?
Let's start off with your personality... the things that make you YOU. 
First of all, you have so much spunk and liveliness that you go and go and go and then pass out in exhaustion on most days... you can be shy at times when you first meet people, but warm up quickly, and then it's time for the Tuttie show. You LOVE to talk, babble, and converse with anyone and everyone and it amazes me just how incredible your vocabulary is. You ask "why" and "how" all the time and sometimes I catch myself trying to figure out how a three year old has outsmarted her mommy and daddy... yes, it happens and we can't help but laugh. You are extremely kind and considerate of others by nature and have the biggest heart... you love to cuddle, hug, and give kisses and to see you love on your sister and interact with her is simply the best thing I have ever witnessed. The bond you share with her is one I am forever grateful for and watching you two play together gives daddy and I great joy and happiness.
Other traits that deserve attention is your desire to sing, dance, and play musical instruments... you LOVE a good dance party and you might have a future as a karaoke singer based on the way you belt out "Let it Go" on your microphone. And yes, you love the applause baby!
The Ways You Enjoy Spending Time. 
I'm pretty sure if you could stay outside 24 hours a day, you would... since it's slowly started warming up here in Nashville, we've made the most of our afternoons and evenings and are trying to plaay as much as we can before it gets dark. Riding our tricycles, bouncing balls, and playing fetch with Chloe are some of your favorite past times and you love to help daddy grill, too.
You're also a helper by nature and love to assist whenever you can... from unloading groceries to pulling up your laptop and "working" with me, you always want to help! A favorite is calling Mimi/Pappy and Gran/Papa as much as possible to talk to them about your day and I know it giggles them to hear you talk about school, church, your friends (Annie and Margaret from MDO), and how your sister is always taking your toys without asking.
Funny Things I Want to Remember. 
I hope these little tidbits I remember always, just so I can tell you once you're older, such as how you call granola bars "BBQ", how you beg for Chick Fil A every Saturday so it's become a weekly tradition, how you despise having your teeth brushed, but will do it if we sing the ABCs, how much you love popcorn and ask to eat it for breakfast, how you like to play doctor and give me shots in the arm while saying "it won't hurt baby, don't cry"... the list of funny little nuances goes on and on my little darling. Right now, your favorite movie is "Pocashontas Germy" (AKA Pocahontas II), your favorite morning treat are daddy's homemade pancakes (but only when he puts blueberries in the batter), and how you hate it when we turn on the gas fireplace.
I love that we NEVER know what's going to come out of your mouth next and how you despise being dirty (you are SO my child CC). You're also extremely independent and hate having to ask for help... dress up is a daily rotation and your pink rain boots are absolutely your favorite accessory, even when it's not raining outside.
You're our good luck charm baby girl... and always remember mommy loves you the MOST in the whole world... I never knew what unconditional love was until I met you on March 17th, 2012 and you have completed me in so many ways.
Caroline Cate, happy birthday my darling Tuttie. Cheers to another year of wonderful, incredible you.

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