Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sickness... Lessons Learned

Ya'll, they say when it rains, it pours, and this week has been one for the books... and by books, I mean a book I hope to never open again. I'm a positive person, but this one took the life out of me and Jeff and our little family and we are just now starting to get back to our "normal".

Long story short, Carson had stomach issues the latter part of the week (the p&*p word that no one likes to say if you catch my drift). We thought we had it under control, which was good, and then Friday night, the walls came crashing down when Caroline started throwing up around 10:30PM. We immediately put her in the bath, washed her and put her in bed with us, only for her to continue doing so the entire night, Saturday, Sunday, and then just as we thought she was getting better, she started again Monday morning. And this was when I realized there is truly NOTHING worse than seeing your child sick and knowing there isn't anything you can do to fix it... pitiful. For those families who have to endure worse, my sincerest apologies go out to you indeed, because I'm not sure I could handle it... it's heart wrenching.

Add in the fact that we had snow everywhere and couldn't get out of the house to take Carson to the doctor Saturday morning (props to Uncle Aaron for saving the day!) then add in a mommy who get the same bug then you have a recipe for disaster... I can't make this stuff up! Needless to say, it's been a rough patch and the current state of our house in shambles doesn't help our situation. We did have some assistance when Mimi and Pappy came to kidnap Carson on Sunday to get her out of this and keep her healthy... thank you again for family saving the day, per usual ;).

Anyways, I am here today "checking in", and hoping by Friday my regular posting will be back to normal. Behind in work, behind in blogging, behind in everything it seems... but getting my family healthy is the most important thing so I hope you'll understand. If I owe you an email, phone call, text, or deadline, I haven't forgotten I promise!! Just taking longer than expected.

And P.S. here are a few lessons learned from this whole escapade about necessities I need to make sure are stocked for these types of episodes:

Friday, February 20, 2015

five on friday... art, wearables, home updates, and gifts

One. Romantic Vday Dinner 
For our Valentine date night, we made reservations with the best friends and had a night out together! You know you really love people when you'd like to spend your Hallmark holiday with them, right? We went to The Sutler Saloon for dinner and it was so tasty...yummy cocktails that didn't break the bank and we all split a few apps and entrees so we could sample all the goods. Add in a swing band with audience participation and it made for a fun night out!
And some of you asked about where to find my outfit... skirt was Francesca's (sold out), blouse was Forever 21, and Fur Scarf is from Nordstrom.
Two. Goodies from Stella B
If the frozen tundra would ever go away, then the UPS man might bring this gal some new goodies from Stella B, an online boutique I recently discovered thanks to Jenny. I was itching to get some spring wearables in my closet and so I took home this fun printed dress and some pom pom fringe shorts!
Three. Home Progress
The hardwoods are officially in upstairs and they look amazing... they have been aging for close to two weeks and now have their first coat of stain down. Next up will be 2-3 coats of "poly" and then we will FINALLY be able to move the girls back into their rooms (thank the Lord). While that's going on, our painter has been tackling the foyer as well as the upstairs/downstairs hallways... we are changing out the trim to Sherwin Williams Pure White and the walls will be painted the same color as Carson's room... Sherwin Williams First Star. It's been nonstop chaos at our house the past few weeks with the girls shuffled into sleeping in the playroom, now downstairs, and the winter weather hasn't helped the cabin fever... and to think we signed up for this willingly, right?
Four. Birthday Present Help
My baby's (yes she will always be my baby) 3rd birthday party is right at a month away and I'm planning away like crazy... see earlier post from this week for inspiration. With that, I am racking my brain trying to come up with a fun present that isn't another random toy to add to our pile, but something fun that she and her sister can use ALL the time. Hence, the ever popular bounce house. Any of you friends out there have one? And yes all you safety patrol, we will be purchasing one that has stakes to make sure it doesn't go flying away.
Five. Sacred Made Print Feature
Finally, I want to share with you a fun new shop I found called Sacred Made. These fabulous southern friends launched their business back in 2013 and they have been crafting beautiful prints with amazing scripture ever since. They give a portion of their proceeds to two very special ministries in Southern China and Uganda, Africa, so you know your purchase is going to help someone else, too.
I chose this gold foil print and I cannot wait to add it to the gallery wall that I'm currently working on for the playroom... God first and this is something I hope everyone that comes in our home takes note of! Thanks for sharing your lovely shop with me Becca and Catherine!
You know what to do friends... share away and link up below with your Friday Five so we can see what you're cooking/drinking/wearing/getting into this weekend!! Cheers to the weekend my lovelies. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

meet and greet

everybody is always doing re-introductions when the new year rolls around, and since i'm seeing some new faces reading and commenting (welcome friends!), i thought i would take the opportunity to do a little meet and greet so some of you new-ish friends can get to know more about the girl behind the blog.
the background details.  a quick run name is natasha (na-tash (like ash)-a...and yes, i like my name and it suits me, but after correcting people my entire life, i wish i never had to again. i'm 31, married to jeff (almost 4 years), and we have two girls: caroline cate (almost 3) carson elizabeth (20 months), and our dog (chloe). i'm a small business owner, and run sugar bit, an online baby and children's boutique. it's been open almost a year and it's an absolute dream come true. it was an endeavor i thought about for a very long time, and finally i took the leap and plunged head first into the world of retail. it's even more a blessing that i have the ability to work from home so that i can spend time with the girls, though that has it's drawbacks when you have two young children who want mommy all day long (and with that, thankful for our nanny alex who has been a god send for our family as jeff and i have crazy schedules and work that doesn't really fall into the normal 8-5 category). i was born and raised in nashville, and doubt i'll ever leave...i'm a southern girl by heart, with a true type-a personality who loves stationery, entertaining and throwing parties, shopping, working out, and cooking in the kitchen. the most important things to me in life are my family and friends and i'm always trying to find the happy in each and every day.
a bit more insight into me to help you get better acquainted:
the best advice i've ever received
don't ever take no for an answer. if it's something you truly want, you have to go for it.
my favorite quote
"a girl should be two things...classy and fabulous"
favorite vacation spots
rosemary beach florida / antigua / napa
five things i cannot live without (excluding my family, faith, and god)
coffee, iphone, pizza, comfy pajamas, and fresh flowers
favorite thing to cook
cream cheese banana bread
something surprising about me you may not know
i've been skydiving (and yes, if i didn't have children i would do it again)
most trusted beauty secret
i have two: kendra platinum bow out spray and clairol shimmer lights shampoo
song that sums up my life outlook
i lived by one republic
women i admire, and why?
my mom and jackie kennedy  
books on my bedside table. 
jesus calling women's daily devotional / big little lies
how i enjoy spending my free time
family fun days on the weekends are good for the soul...getting outside with the girls, taking adventures around town, and snuggle sessions with all four of us in bed on saturday mornings are the best.
thanks for following along on this crazy roller coaster called life and popping by to see a little more into our circus... it's the biggest joy and i am thankful for everyday i get on this world. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Caroline's 3rd Birthday...The Inspiration

Birthday invitations have gone out, which means it's officially inching closer... to March 17th, the day my baby girl turns three. We've done the Lucky Charm Shindig, then last year we held a festive Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Soiree, and now this year, we decided to switch things up a bit and have a relaxed, casual, and comfy breakfast party at our house, complete with Pancakes and Pajamas... cue the excitement!
I know I keep saying we will dial it down when it comes to the birthday parties, but who am I kidding, I love throwing them and it's a celebration of our little one's big day and we love to spend that time with our family and friends. It's going to be fun and I've got big plans for some yummy brunch food and goodies as well as food bars and tables to get everyone involved in savoring Caroline's special day! And I might have already bought the girls the cutest matching pajamas so they will be all ready... the party inspiration is Kiddie Kate Spade-ish complete with a red, pink, black, white, and gold color scheme and I cannot wait to share some of the details with ya'll.
Now back to my crazy mom party planner scheming!
And P.S. as always, my party fairy is none other than Beth Hart Designs. She seriously is the BEST!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday... Top Questions

For this week's Five on Friday, I though I would give you a sampling of the top questions I am constantly being asked from my blogging friends. Sharing away today so enjoy!
1. Where did you get your gold bar necklace and what does it say? 
For my 30th birthday, I wanted something special...a keepsake to wear everyday and something to remind myself of the two biggest blessings in my life, the girls. My mom and dad got me my gold bar necklace and it says "Caroline ♥ Carson"... you can find it on Be Monogrammed and it comes in 14K gold, gold plated, etc and you can get it personalized however you like. Looking for a sentimental gift? This totally fits the bill and it's a keepsake I will treasure forever.
2. What are your favorite recommendations for when visiting Nashville? 
I love the fact so many people are traveling to Music City for a fun weekend getaway, bachelor/bachelorette festivities, and so on. Some of you have even mentioned you're visiting our wonderful little city in the hopes to move here...yes, it's that great. Here are a few blog posts of mine to help get you better acquainted with small town USA. 
3. Where do you buy the girls bows/headbands? 
From the time the girls came out into the world, they had bows on their heads...partly to avoid the dreaded "oh look at that cute boy" conversation with random strangers (oh yes that happened all the time, even with bows), and because accessories make the outfit. My go-to destination for bows has always been Julia's Bowtique and I loved their collection so much we started stocking them at Sugar Bit, so you can find them on our website, too! As for coordinating elastic headbands that pair well with these, I always buy from Kena Bows on Etsy...great price and the quality is fantastic, while you can order them in a variety of sizes and colors as well.
4. What's your favorite go-to beauty products? 
Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer 
Concealer: Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen
Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation
Powder: Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder
Highlighter: Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Stick
Blush: NYX Blush Stick in Pink Poppy and Make Makeup Satin Finish Blush in Geisha
Eyeliner: Covergirl Ink It Eyeliner in Black
Mascara: Rimmel Scandeleyes Mascara in Black
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette
Lips: NYX Gloss in Creme Brulee, Loreal Lipcolor in Plum Passion, and Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Nude Beach
5. How do you fix your hair and what products do you use? 
If I've been asking this question once, I've been asked it 10,000 times (and I certainly don't mind)... and honestly, this is a hard one to answer for me because I don't think I do anything super special to make my waves stay throughout the day and I didn't invest in some $250 curling iron. I think it all comes down to the thick, coarse hair I have...and I have a lot of it. It's color treated (obviously) so that tends to help my hair hold curl and I have found some products that work well, like the Kendra Platinum Blow Dry Spray. I also use a Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch curling iron, which is amazing and allows for loose curls rather than tight ones (my preference on a daily basis). I know some of you have asked for a vlog in how I do this, but I'm kinda shy when it comes to being on camera so I searched high and low to find one from another blogger to display their ways... hope this helps! SEE THIS VIDEO

Maybe I'll do a few more installments of these Q&A sessions if there is anything you're just dying to know about the gal behind the blog... and I've been working with Aubrey Kinch on a little revamp so fun edits and revisions and new bits and pieces popping up, too! Happy Friday friends... and may each of you have a sweet little Valentine's Day tomorrow... OXOX
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