2022 word of the year

Ohhh goodness… you knew this post was coming and I’ll be honest, this one took me awhile to finally hit publish because it’s all about the details and digging deep in myself to put this one out here for all to see.

You know I don’t do the traditional new year resolutions, yet, for the past few years I have adopted a word to symbolize my take on a brand new year to walk me through all areas of my life. From personal to professional, for my faith, family and friendships, I’ve found that selecting one singular word has been more impactful than any “goal” I could otherwise set and it’s been successful [on my terms] so I’m moving forward with that same practice all over again for 2022…

2022 word of the year featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Hello Happiness.

Need a little refresher of where we’ve been or maybe a brief walk down memory lane?? You can see how I CELEBRATED in 2021, overcame the crazy with JOY in 2020, and INVESTED in things I love most in 2019

Sometimes, I struggle with this as I do a deep dive and try to find that one perfect word… what I want to accomplish, how  + what I want to share, what I hope to better within myself, my hope to change and evolve = you know, the big overarching buckets that fill your days and constantly occupy your thoughts. I usually create a shortlist of words that stand out and this year’s lineup included:

They all stood out in various ways. Things that had been occupying my mind, actionable words that I hope to live by in 2022 and of course, then narrowing it down to one word I can wrap myself up in for the next 12 months. I also did a little self-reflecting and asked myself a few hard questions: What Do I Need + Need More Of? What Did I Enjoy Receiving and Giving Last Year?

And then just like that, I went to bed, did some more praying and I have no doubt my word for 2022 chose me…

2022 word of the year featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Hello Happiness.

And no, I’m not talking about the heart in my body… I’m speaking about the center of my thoughts and emotions, specifically love, compassion, and loyalty to everything that matters most to me. It’s funny because I have had this quote in my Facebook profile for years and it’s one I try to live by:

Sound familiar?? It’s from the tin man in The Wizard of Oz… so for me, 2022 will be focused on trying to live with heart + passion in everything I do. When I set out to do something, I want to put 100% of myself into it or not at all. I want to be known for having a good heart: one that puts others needs before my own, that attempts to show how much I care for my friends and family, and to live with love no matter what.

Still looking to set your mantra 2022 word of the year?? Here are a few more questions to help you narrow it down and find your word: What Characteristics Do I Want More Of? How Do I Want to Feel? And then make a list of 5-10 words that jump out to you… ready to share?? I’d LOVE to hear what your 2022 word is!

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