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You know a category of my blog that brings me so much JOY, yet I feel like ALWAYS seems to go to the backburner = home decor and design! I may not be a professional by any means, but I definitely know what I like and I love the fact my little artist does as well. And you know we like to stand out from the crowd… no typical grey and neutral in our home sweet home. Life should be lived in color!!! So today I’m excited to share with you Caroline’s colorful bedroom refresh inspiration and ideas!

Caroline’s Bedroom Refresh

For a few months now, Caroline and I have been brainstorming on a fun + fresh room refresh for her since she is inching closer to TEN and we have officially started the ordering process!! Now I know this is going to take months to execute with so many custom items on backorder [it is what it is], but that’ll give us time to bring it all together with fantastic accessories and other accents she wants to incorporate and we can do it all together = a happy mama heart indeed!

But before we jump ahead to what we’re thinking of, let’s take a trip down memory lane to see what her boudoir looks like now… waterworks over here with these sweet babies and how tiny they were and if you’ve yet to ever see the full room reveal, you can visit that blog post here:

Bedroom Refresh by popular Nashville life and style blog, Hello Happiness: collage image of a girls bedroom, two little girls laying on a bed together, and a colorful wooden tray filled with gold Mary Jane shoes, pink candle votive and blue abstract glass decor item.

I still get giddy about her big girl room… as much as it suited her as a toddler up until now, it’s been a fully functional, fun and feminine room, but my Tuttie has a much more sophisticated personality now and so it’s time for an update!

I am all for integrating elements that my girl wants… for instance, she wanted a new light so we ordered this gorgeous creation in pink by Stray Dog Designs. She also mentioned wanting to new bedding so we are working with the design team at Peacock Alley to make something super special and individual, all based on her likes and wishes.

As Pinterest is my go-to source for all things inspiration, we created a Caroline Room Refresh Page with tons of ideas where we could keep everything organized for easy reference. Here is a little dream board I whipped up to show off some of her favorite details and ideas:

Nashville life and style blog, Hello Happiness: collage image of a colorful tropical print fabric headboard, coral pink show pillows, pink velvet accent chairs, white canopy bed, black and white stripe drapes, and a white dresser with purple flowers in a white vase, a lamp with a white shade and light purple base, pink candle votive, and black and white picture frames.

You know we are all for mixing and matching colors, prints, patterns and textures in our abode and Caroline’s updates will be no different. For the color scheme, we are incorporating PINK [her favorite color] and ORANGE [because yes, they are a mtach made in heaven] and then also adding in black and light blue for added hues that all complement each other.

Earlier this week, we finally selected the window treatment fabric [oh Schumacher we love you so] and had a local seamstress come out to measure for the panels for her two windows… one big check off the list.

In addition, the new rug has been ordered and so has the dresser, which should arrive in the next few weeks. Luckily for me, she wanted to keep her black Jenny Lind Bed and I have no doubt it’ll still be such a classic style that continues to grow with her.

We have also narrowed it down to two accent chairs, so by the end of the week we hope to have that item complete, too. Pink velvet was the ultimate winner in terms of fabrication = safe to say I was VERY happy when she made that choice! So now, we are onto art… my dear Brooke Lancaster is going to craft something just for my girl and then are going to order a few items from Minted for good measure, too. I cannot wait to take you all along for this adventure to give my girl a much-needed boudoir beautification. Let’s do this…

Which of these bedroom refresh ideas do you like the most? Let me know in a comment below!

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