5 things… how i make the most of my days

OK enough about fashion and beauty for a bit… let’s get down to the nitty gritty and get back to basics, otherwise known as the reason WHY I began this blog oh so long ago anyways!! It’s been nearly two months since I shared a random “5 things” so I thought today’s installment would be a great focus as we shift from summertime back into the swing of school here to get us on track, knocking out those to-do lists while the kids are gone and making the most of our days!

one. set your daily alarm

This may sound super simple, but I’m making it the first and most important rule to being productive and that’s setting your alarm for the same time each and everyday. Now I will preface this by saying that I only have mine set for weekdays to rise at 6:30AM, but the girls wake up around that time on the weekends anyways so it’s not like I could sleep in regardless. I promise you, though, that by acclimating your body to get up at the same time each day, you’re setting yourself up for success to get in a good daily routine! But yes, with that caveat also means you need to make sure you’re getting enough rest. For me, lights out each night is 10PM = mama needs her sleep!

two. make a daily to-do list

Again, I’m not saying anything super innovative with a few of these reminders, BUT it’s easy to forget to keep it simple + be efficient. A daily to-do list can do wonders, especially for you type-A friends that LOVE to check off and mark through your actionable items… why does that feel so good?? I just bought this daily planner notepad [just $8 for 100 sheets] and I love that is has an hourly breakdown so I know exactly what I need to do each day and at what time.

three. invest in a good planner

I know I am old school and yes I put everything in my iPhone calendar for another reference, however, I LOVE nothing more than a good paper planner — for some reason, writing things down helps me remember them more easily so a paper planner 100% is my preference for keeping all my appts + meetings + trips organized and efficient. I’ve used every single kind out there, but this year I opted to purchase the Ban.Do Academic Planner and I LOVE it… it has monthly tabs for easy access, weekly formats so I can write it all out, motivational quotes and of course the stickers!!!!

four. assign tasks for each day

Unless you’re crazy, you’re probably not a fan of laundry or any other household “chore” that seems to always loom in the back of our mind. That’s why I assign tasks for certain days, so that I stay on a constant schedule [as much as possible of course] and it keeps things consistent. For instance, I do my laundry on Tuesdays and the girls on Wednesdays + also try to do my grocery shopping on Sundays so that I can meal plan for the week… then I try to spend an hour or so tidying up the house on Friday afternoons so the house is clean for the weekend. Soudns simple and it is, but again a schedule helps keep me motivated and on track!

five. take a few breaks

Don’t forget to take a break every now and then… I am guilty of this so much more when working from home and since many of us have set up shop at the house since last year, it’s a MUST to get out of your seat. Go for a walk, hit up the gym, lunch with a friend, etc. But be sure to take breaks! One it gives your eyes a rest from the computer screen and allows your brain to relax a bit which can be a big help for your overall mood.

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