A Gift Unlike Any Other | Kelly Terrell Kids Art Commissions

Priceless… the emotional cost of this gift I am giving to our family this holiday season. If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for those treasures that are once-in-a-lifetime gifts that cannot be replicated, nor can anything hold a candle to their flame. With that, I want to introduce you the kids commission process that my friend Kelly Terrell Art has created for little ones and kids to show off their abstract skills and give you something you’ll want in your home sweet home forever.

I’ve known Kelly for more than 10 years now and she is absolutely one of the most amazing people I’m lucky enough to call a friend. She is super talented, has the kindest soul and is truly someone I am thrilled to introduce you to here on the blog. She graduated from Aubrun with a B.A in Fine Art and has worked at the Frist Museum as well as Cheekwood Botanical Gardens here in Nashville, so needless to say her resume is quite impressive… she even studied in Florence in college = SWOON.

She has not only taught art classes to children as well as adults, she is all about the conversations art creates… the power, confidence and understanding they bring as well. She’s all about “controlled chaos” and the fact my girls can do that with her, there is something special about this project unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Last week, the girls and I had the opportunity to head to her art studio for a kids art commission and it was beyond their wilfest dreams. They were SHOCKED to be able to scatter paint without having to worry about making a “proper mess” and Kelly helped to show them how to use their personalities and preferences to paint the perfect masterpiece.

One thing I loved about the studio session was that my girls got the chance to have one amazing art experience–a hobby they both truly love and enjoy, and I get to come home with something special… plus they learned a few new techniques and got to use fun materials, too.

If you’re looking to book a session, visit Kelly’s website here. Pricing ranges by the canvas size which can be found here. And yes, these make WONDERFUL gifts for grandparents and loved ones, too. She will also be rolling out more Paint Kits and Kids Art Commission dates in January so be sure to follow her Instagram for updates!

And P.S. I won’t be sharing the final product just yet, but I assure you it has a SPECIAL place where it will live very very soon… I’ll just keep you waiting a bit longer to see it all finished!


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