How to Get Going Each Day: 5 Easy Ways

Move over Monday… have I got a good post for any of you that need a little bit of motivation!!! I think we all need a bit of the real stuff right now — I love the pretty pictures and it’s easy to get lost into the fashion shuffle, but I want you to get more out of my blog than just a cute outfit, I want you to get tips on how to get going which will help you tackle the endless to-do’s and set your mind up for success day in and day out. Scroll down to learn more!

How to Get Going Each Day: 5 Easy Ways featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Hello Happiness

One of the constant questions I am forever getting asked is “how do you do it all?!?!” Well my friends, here’s my secret… I don’t, but I definitely plan out my days as best as I can to take advantage of every single solitary hour I have before passing out each night around 10PM.

I know this entire year has been filled with feelings of worry, anger, exhaustion and feeling completely overwhelmed at times. Never in a million years did I think our Spring Break would turn into full-on quarantine for the summer and now into the schoolyear, but alas, here we are. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been feeling anxious and scared, but I know this new “normal” won’t last forever…. not to mention EVERYONE thinks their opinion matters the most and others making you feel like you’re doing it all wrong. I/m just hopeful we will all come out of this stronger and realizing what truly matters… AND if you’re well enough to get out of bed and live another day, I vote that YOU WIN!

How to Get Going Each Day: 5 Easy Ways featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Hello Happiness

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So I thought I’d start things off with sharing FIVE specific ways I get up + moving and grooving each day and hoping they may get you motivated to make it happen, too:

How to Get Going Each Day: 5 Easy Ways featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Hello Happiness

How to Get Going: 5 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right 


And no, you don’t have to execute this task for the weekends, but each weekday I rise and shine at 6AM–yes, it takes a bit for your body to become acclimated to this wake-up, but try it for a few weeks and see if it helps… my body now naturally wakes up eat 6AM so I can start tackling my to-do list in the peace and quiet before Jeff and the girls get up! It’s amazing how you can sort through your inbox in just 20-30 minutes with zero distractions. Even better, you can use your favorite music as your alarm! P.S. yes I am naturally a morning person so that helps me even more– don’t hit that snooze button y’all.


One thing I never miss is a chance to take a literal breather in the mornings… depending on the day, I’ll do a short 2-4 minute meditation [my go-to app is Headspace and another great resource is Mindful] , then try a few breathing exercises to calm that stress and anxiety [here is a fantastic read on various breathing techniques] and then of course, I sit down with a cup of coffee with the big guy up above and give Him my undivided attention and to let Him hear my thoughts, worries, prayers, and anything else I need advice on.


Alright type-A friends, this one is for you. For some reason, when you physically write something down, that mental light bulb comes on and makes us more accountable to ACTUALLY complete a task… so write it all down. Get a cute to-do notepad [this is the one I use] or post-it note and write down your top 3-5 items to execute on any given day. And another major tip that helps me knock it out: do the dreaded tasks first. The fun stuff is easy to do because you WANT to do it so start with those you detest most [i.e. laundry, unloading the dishwasher, making your bed, etc]. The best thing you can do is to schedule out your day for success–I’m also working on my daily life/schedule post so you can see how I divide my time, too.


Yes, I know this might sound obvious, but GET moving… it gets those endorphins going and Elle Woods said it best “happy people don’t kill people”. I do my best workouts in the AM because it gets my heart rate going and totally sets me up to achieve my step + activity goals throughout the day. If you’re not an avid exerciser, start with 10-20 minutes of light cardio and then work your way up from there!!


As easy as it is right now to loaf around all day in your pajamas [especially if you’re like Jeff and I and work from home], I promise if you get up and actually GET DRESSED, you’re going to achieve more in any given day. No, I don’t have the scientific reasoning behind this because that’s not how my brain operates, but someone out there much more intelligent than I has proven this theory time and time again. So, brush those teeth, put on a bit of makeup, spray some dry shampoo into your mane, throw on your OOTD and you’ll start your day off right.


How to Get Going Each Day: 5 Easy Ways featured by top Nashville lifestyle blogger, Hello Happiness



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  1. August 28, 2020 / 8:41 am

    So simple yet so effective, but often so difficult!! Love this, Natasha x

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