Self Care Success with the Sweetness of CocoaVia

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Self care… a constant focus for myself and something I am completely passionate about sharing with every person I know. As a mom, I feel like I can truly do more for my family when I remember to take care of MYSELF as well. With two little ladies, a puppy, a business, a hubby and a to-do list with extracurricular activities and obligations a mile long, sometimes my self care falls to the back burner, but thanks to Cocoavia™ daily extract supplements, I can keep myself healthy and happy…

Cocoavia by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Hello Happiness: image of various Cocoavia products.

This is most likely your first introduction to Cocoavia™ and I am over-the-moon excited to tell you about this new brand and their brain-power flavanol capsules, drink mixes and goodnessKNOWS dark chocolate snack squares, which all aid in keeping your heart + brain + total body healthy by promoting healthy blood flow, which help to ensure your entire brain remains nourished and can perform at its best each day.

Self-Care with Cocoavia

Here are a few more reasons to incorporate Cocoavia™ flavanol-packed products into your daily supplement regimen:

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To keep it simple, Cocoavia™ supplements help your cardiovascular system deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your body = which then keeps your blood circulating properly + aids in long-term health benefits. For convenience, the supplements come in two forms: both capsules and powdered stick packs [my fav for on-the-go water consumption]. 

Cocoavia by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Hello Happiness: image of a woman sitting at a table with some Cocoavia stick packs.

It’s packed with 450mg of cocoa flavanols AKA the good stuff in dark chocolate… but Cocoavia™ has 5 times MORE cocoa flavanols than your go-to dark chocolate bar–without all the calories, fat and harmful contaminants! See the full science behind CocoaVia™ here.

The Cocoavia™ team has even graciously offered a discount code so I can gift 30% off your entire online order [limit 6 per customer/bulk and auto-delivery items excluded]… simply use HELLOHAPPINESS30 at checkout! I’m also sharing the products I’ve been using below so you can see my first-hand experience with each:

Cocoavia by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Hello Happiness: image of Cocoavia products.

Vegan Capsules | I take two capsules each day at lunchtime… a full 450mg serving to maximize the health benefits. Highly concentrated and the most convenient way to get cocoa flavanols to do their job!

Original Stick Packs | I add the Cran-Raspberry powder stick packs to my bottle of water before I workout for an instant boost of energy! Another good alternative would be to take later in the day during that afternoon slump we all despise! Finally, think about adding the Sweetened Dark Chocolate to your protein shakes, coffee and/or oatmeal–P.S. I know I will get questions on this one, but no it doesn’t take like chocolate, more like an herbal tea!

GoodnessKnows Snack Squares [Cranberry/Almond Dark Chocolate Flavor] | For an on-the-go snack, these bites pack a punch… they are delicious and kid-approved from my crew, too. Salty with a bit of sweet and I keep some of these in my tote bag for easy access when I’m not at home!

Cocoavia by popular Nashville lifestyle blog, Hello Happiness: image of a woman sitting at a table and eating a Cocoavia snack square.

Finally, head over to my Instagram post for a HUGE giveaway with CocoaVia™… 12 prizes and 12 winners = each to receive the vegan capsules and drink packets to try out for yourself!


Have you tried Cocoavia before?  Let me know in a comment below!

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