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When we think of summertime, we think of the great outdoors, loads of fun in the sun, swimming parties and such, but you may need to think about the other friendly “visitors” inside, too — and yes, I’m talking about those bothersome pests we all know and love [NOT]!

The smell of open food and empty boxes are a natural draw for pests, so I’m wanting to share some of my favorite tried-and-true tricks to help you keep those little insects OUTSIDE where they belong — say bye-bye to ants, flies, moths and more.

In addition to being SUPER annoying, pests can spread all sorts of bacteria throughout your home, so it’s essential for everyone’s health to keep your home clean and organized. Since we just did a huge remodel, I stocked up on everything organization to prevent pest activity and keep everything so fresh and so clean with pantry organization [yes, I get easily excited for organizing and storage]…

I’ve started wiping down countertops and putting away all the “outliers” before bed each night. This keeps our kitchen counters clean and makes for much happier mornings so I don’t have to worry about dirty messes ruining my morning coffee time.


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See all the amazing storage bins and baskets I used to organize the refrigerator and our kitchen pantry?? These are helping me toss the cardboard boxes, eliminate the clutter and keep my food fresh longer! A little organization goes a long way… it also helps the hubby and kiddos find their snacks when they get a little hangry ;).

Looking for more tips and tricks?? Don’t forget these tidbits to help you make your home clean and happy, easily and efficiently:

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight. This includes the sink and anywhere you might eat
  • Pests are attracted to the foods and odors coming from trash cans. Remember to cover all trash cans with tightly sealed lids, emptying them at least daily – but even more in the summer – and lining them immediately. Also, wash down trash cans regularly to help prevent any lingering food debris and odors.
  • Clothes that have not been laundered in a while may be more susceptible to moth infestations—set up a laundry schedule and stick to it!
  • To keep fruit flies from feasting, stick produce in the fridge or inside sealed bins as much as possible. You should also rinse fruits and veggies as soon as you get home from the store.
  • Seal seasonal clothing in airtight bags; the vacuum-sealed variety are a great option to prevent moth infestations
  • Clean the dishwasher and other appliances regularly

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  1. August 2, 2018 / 1:35 pm

    STOP IT!!! How amazing and organized is that fridge of yours?! x

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