The Neighborhood Barre… Lifting and Tucking in 2018

Let’s pretend it’s not Monday, shall we?!?! Can we just dream it’s still the weekend and we’re snug as a bug at home in our pajamas all day… yeah, that would be the life!! Just kidding… it’s Monday and I am hitting the ground running and hope you are too!!

Having said that, I’m sure you’ve noticed my fitness journey change a lot recently as I am making big changes in 2018 to switch it up and get out of my comfort zone in all of my workouts… I have been guilty of doing the same thing over and over again, so a few months ago I made a vow to step out and try some new fitness classes this year!

This time, I’m hanging out with the ladies from Neighborhood Barre Nashville to share some things you MAY or MAY NOT know about everything barre… P.S. you’ll never believe this, but the owner Kelly, was actually my little sister in our college sorority so we had a TON of fun during this photoshoot together AND her little lady Nola just so happens to be Carson’s best friend, too!! Goodness how life changes 😉

First up, let’s talk about the differentiators versus other local barre studios:
1. It’s not a big box gym so you can expect personalized attention and a relaxed and positive atmosphere… I love that that it’s a higher calorie burn than other barre classes =umm yes!
2. They have class options for all fitness levels–from beginner to advanced and everything in between (that’s where I fall) — and it’s a complete fitness regimen AKA a one-stop shop. You’ve got body-weight resistance strength training, but supplementary classes like:
+ Barre STRETCH that adds increased flexibility + relaxation
+ Barre FLOW that improves core strength and stability through functional movement (using gliders)
+ Barre Blast HIIT that increased the calorie burn even more, and works larger muscle groups [TOTALLY up my alley!!] See class names + descriptions here:

3. Free Child Care [YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!]: select classes [including mornings, noon and evenings as well as weekend times offer free childcare while you work it out… hallelujah!! [**no age limitations, but you’ll want to sign up beforehand as space is limited]… see child care specifics and schedule here.
4. $30 for 30 Days… new clients can try out Neighborhood Barre for 30 days with unlimited classes, basically equating to $1 a day! Barre takes practice so they want you to try it out for 30 days… no strings attached. They offer SO many classes each week and they recommend trying to make it to 3/week, with a goal of completing 10 classes that first month.
Find New Client FAQ here:

You’ll find me there this month… trying out some of the newer classes and busting it at the barre, toning up my booty and feeling the burn with plenty of tucking action! Spring is almost here and the girls at Neighborhood Barre want you looking good AND feeling great!!

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  1. March 5, 2018 / 12:36 pm

    I am desperate to do a barre class… It’s not popular here in South Africa!
    And those tights 🙂

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