{You Are My Sunshine}

as a little girl growing up, my mom and i would sing songs right before she tucked me in for bed each night… and i have to admit that when i venture to my parents’ house even now, we still sing these favorite lullabies-i think everyone has a special bond with their mother, i certainly know i do with mine. the older i get, the more i see myself take on her quirky ways or make decisions like she does, and i couldn’t be happier. she has ensued a lot of herself into me, and i am the woman i am today because of her–she is the best role model i could ever have, and God could not have given me a more perfect mother. thanks mom for all that you do and HAPPY BIRTHDAY {on your favorite Friday the 13th}… can’t wait to spend all afternoon AT CHRISTMAS VILLAGE and evening {at dinner with our 2 favorite guys} with you today!!!

love you forever and always… the VERY most! OXOX


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