{I Gotta Feeling…}

Now I can recap our fabulous weekend, thanks to my wonderful for bringing my camera back from the woods {for all those wondering, no deer were shot–is that bad that I am happy the smart Bambi’s are one up on the boys??}
As previously mentioned, this was our very last 2009 UT football game in Neyland…so sad, but only hoping for bigger and better things next season. On Saturday, we joined friends and family at Calhoun’s for lunch for Candice’s Knoxville birthday celebration– she was so excited to have all her best friends in one location, and shockingly enough, this is the FIRST time this has ever happened–I don’t ever think I’ve seen her smile so much! We had a great time, as you can tell by all the pictures:
Bev, Me, Candice, April, and Sara
Candice, Me, and Bev =)
The Sweet Millers
Bev, My Mom, and Me… So Glad to Have Both of Them There!

After lunch, my parents and Jeff and I drove around Knoxville to look at all the beautiful fall colors… we ran some errands, went and saw my cousin’s apartment, and then headed to tailgate with all of our friends before the game that night. So much fun and so happy we could all be together for the BEAUFITUL DAY!
The Broadway Sisters… Whitney and Lauren
Jeff and Me in Front of Neyland
The Birthday Girl and Me
Best Friend and Me Tailgating– YAY!!
Fun with My Ladies
Our Boys {and yes, they love their pictures taken, too!}
Jules, Bev, and Nat
Tailgating Fun Outside the Stadium
My Favorite Picture… My Little Family
After tailgating, we scurried to our seats just in time for pre-game festivities {which I always have to see}. Thankful that Jeff had a warm jeaket, I stayed nice and toasty during our game against Vandy… which we won!!! Tennessee is now bowl-eligible–now just saying a prayer for another W against Kentucky this Saturday… such a great weekend with friends and family–makes me even more thankful for how much God blesses me =)



  1. November 24, 2009 / 5:17 pm

    Gosh, I always love enjoying teh fall colors!! And I love your scarf in the pictures!!

    Glad your team pulled out a W. Looks like a fabulous weekend.

    (And I just noticed the holiday music on your blog…LOVES IT)

  2. November 24, 2009 / 5:43 pm

    so he likes deer hunting?!?!
    My boyfriend took 2 weeks off work to hunt. He has such a passion for it! Crazy!

  3. November 25, 2009 / 4:05 am

    Hey Natasha! So I just came across your blog tonight and wanted to say I LOVE it :o). Love the backround and music too so Christmasy lol! I just started blogging a few months ago about my weight loss journey of loosing 156lbs in 11months and of course just about my random thoughts too lol. Anyways I look forward to reading your blog more, love to find good ones to read! Have a great day!

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