It’s Florida Friday…

This phrase brings back so many memories for me of my college days at UT. Background– we lived in Massey Hall (my hall for those of you that know me well-HA!) and during our senior year my friend Megan Price ran up and down our sorority hallway screaming at the top of her lungs “IT’S FLORIDA FRIDAY BEESHES… GET UP AND START DRINKING!” to this day, we text each of our friends this now-notorious saying before each UT football game, and today is no exception. what is even more coincidental is today is Price’s bday. The youngest of our group of friends, she finally turns 25, which makes me realize just how much we have all grown up–so sad, although when we do get together, it is like nothing has changed. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of me and Price (aka Lerch, Prucey)

Have a great friday friends!! Please help me in cheering on our VOLS as they travel to the gruesome swamp tomorrow for another matchup with Tim Tebow (it’s hard to hate him when I know what a fantastic young man he is– if you aren’t aware: his family are missionaries, he volunteers all the time, and he really is that kind of guy)


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