Happy Father’s Day

This afternoon, Jeff and I are headed to Knoxville to spend some time with our friends for a relaxing weekend getaway to east TN… probably won’t turn out to be quite so calm since I’ll be spending all weekend with my 2 best friends, but I can’t wait — reminds me that football season is right around the corner and plenty of roadtrips to see our beloved VOLS will be reconvening very soon indeed!!
In more important news, this Sunday is Father’s Day… this year, I took myDad to a Nashville Sounds baseball game last Sunday (FYI- we had to go last week because they are out of town this weekend playing in another city). We had so much fun together — just spending time with each other is so important to him, and baseball is his favorite sport, so I thought that better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with “Dan the Man”. We definitely had our fair share of beer and hot dogs, got a little sun with the gorgeous weather, and watched a few grand slams!!

Thanks for all you do Dad- I am so lucky to have you in my life and even luckier to be your daughter… I love you so much and absolutely savor every minute we get to spend together!

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