hello! about me

Hello friends!
I am a recently turned thirty southern lady, born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.
A self-proclaimed addict of all things happy, I've been told I'm the epitome of an eternal optimist and I am the most type-A person you will ever meet.
I love to travel, plan parties, workout, entertain, and spend my free time baking in the kitchen.
I am young at heart, always on the go, and rarely do I think before I speak.
My husband (Jeff) and I have been married since June 2011 and are living our version of the best life possible-we are surrounded by an incredible network of family and friends. We welcomed our first darling girl on March 17th, 2012...Miss Caroline Cate. Funny enough, we found out we were expecting yet again in October 2012 and Miss Carson Elizabeth debuted on June 15, 2013. For those with inquiring minds, we are done on the family front, for now at least ;). 
Here is a little picture montage to get yourself better acquainted...
Gameday in Knoxville... nothing better!
The best parents a girl could ever ask for
Otherwise known as Mimi and Pappy ;)
The heart of our family...my Gran and Papa
My best friends...such incredible women
Our little family! 
My sweet Caroline
And of course our little bit Carson
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