Dear Carson... Happy 4th Birthday Nugget!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's almost as if words fail me now as I site and think about the past four years... they seem to have gone by at warp speed and I am trying to hit the brakes so I can savor this season just a tad bit longer. Oh my dear Carson Elizabeth, the joy you bring to life is simply immeasurable and I hope I have even one bit of the zest and spunk you have for life and everything in it.

This year has been marked with many milestones and fun events and adventures... from taking your first year of ballet to playing your first season of soccer to taking you on your first airplane ride AND Disney World, it's been SO much fun to watch you learn and grow and grow into your very own little person. 

Personality... that's what everyone says about you. It's larger than life, and you're the most animated child ever! You LOVE to sing and you've been begging to take singing lessons so this should be another hilarious thing to see. Favorite chart toppers are our house still include Ash from the movie Sing, Shake It Off, Dark Horse, Hush Little Baby, Tale as Old as Time, and the Moana soundtrack. 

At school, you've grown leaps and bounds in terms of letter and number recognition and are learning to write most of your letters...thanks in part to your big sister who loves to "teach" you. You're still obsessed with playing dolls, riding your bike and scooter, dressing up in princess gowns, putting on makeup and you're quite the strategist when it comes to Candy Land and Hungry Hungry Hippos... it's crazy how you ALWAYS seem to win. 

You LOVE to eat and aren't afraid to try new foods... current favs include edamame, shrimp, steak, watermelon and pineapple, fruit smoothies, and of course any kind of popsicle! You've also become a real water baby and love to splash, jump and swim at the beach and lake. Your energy never ceases to amaze anyone that knows you and you go 110% full steam before passing out at nap and bedtime.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when we lay in bed together at night, talking about the day we had... our best parts, conversations about anything and everything and then we always finish with songs and prayers.

More than anything, I hope you know how loved you are. You are an amazing little lady my nugget and you complete our family... thank you for the joy you bring to our world each and everyday. Our little Tink, you truly are incredibly loved beyond measure. OXOX