What's In My Bag | February 2017 Edition

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm ALWAYS so curious to see what people carry in their bags for their daily routines, so I thought I would take a chance to share my necessities to get me through the day!

First up, I get SO many questions about my bag so let's start there. It's the Ceri Hoover Cheetah Satchel and I'm obsessed with it. Not only is it stunning in person, but it double as a shoulder strap AND a crossbody tote and it's designed by a local Nashville lady, which makes me happy to support a local brand. It has a button closure and a few interior pockets for storage, so it makes for the perfect everyday purse for me.

OK, so now to the inside contents:
My wallet is the Tory Burch Continental Zip Wallet in orange. I've had it for a few years now and it's held up well, but I think it's lifespan might be coming to a close soon as I love to stuff it full with receipts, business cards, and such, so it's seen better days. All in all, though, it's been a great mid-size wallet for keeping my items organized and the zipper is a must for me!
Another bag that I've been using daily is my Star Mela Cosmetic Bag. It's a great size for my makeup essentials and goes everywhere with me.. it's on sale for $19 now and I am thinking about buying it for sunscreen storage this summer, too!
Up next, staying hydrated is a MUST for me and I am always filling up my S'well Sparkling Champagne Water Bottle. Keeps my H20 cold and doesn't spill, and the fact that it's gold makes it even more special.
Moving on to more essentials, I've got my Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray, to ensure germs stay away from the girls and I... it's only $3 and smells great, too. I also LOVE this Tula Urban Defense Hydrating Mist to keep my skin hydrated as it tends to get dry during this time of year. And let's not forget about my go-to daily styling product AKA Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. Finally, I have two lip balms because the girls always want choices and because we always seem to "lose" one (I'm looking at you Carson!!)... Pixi Beauty in Ripe Raspberry and EOS Balm in Sweet Mint. And yes, this gal ALWAYS has mints on hand... my recent fav is Ice Creakers Duo in Strawberry.
Last but certainly not least, my Sugar Paper LA Weekly Planner and Paper Mate Flair Pens--because yes, I write everything down and color code, too.

So tell me, if you could only put 5 things in your bag everyday, what would they be?!?!


  1. I love those mints! And I always have my planner too! My Tory burch wallet is stuffed full of so much I need to clean it out!

  2. those are all my favortes too and love that tory burch wallet!

  3. Love that leopard bag!


  4. It's always so fun to see what's in people's bags!

  5. I love the cosmetic bag.


  6. I agree with all of this! I can't live without my dry shampoo!


  7. Cute post - love the Tula day cream - I bet that mist is nice!


  8. Such a cute bag! My swell bottle goes everywhere with me!!

  9. These are my favorite kind of posts! I always love seeing what is inside peoples bags! I too have an orange wallet! hahah Great minds think alike!

  10. love the bag!!

    xo, Steph

  11. Love this! I carry so much unnecessary stuff in my purse haha

    Maggie xo

  12. I've been wanting to get one of those water bottles!