Splurge vs Save... Spring 2017 Finds

Monday, February 6, 2017

Y'all know I love some good old fashioned cyber shopping... as a lady who works from home most days, it's far easier to look online rather than walk into a physical storefront, especially when most days I am working in my yoga pants [errrr... it's possible pajamas count as workwear, too].
I've been making a wishlist and I am on the hunt this season for a few goodies-some I am willing to splurge on and some that I'd rather save, so I thought this would be a fun opportunity to round up some styles in a Splurge Vs. Save Shopping Day!

First up, the saddle bag that we're seeing everywhere, especially on all the fashion blogs. They are GORGEOUS but I'm thinking this is an accessory I need to save on and get a little frugal. Two blush pink purses, though I think the less expensive version has a bit more detail:

The bomber jacket... they are taking over the IG feeds and they are stylish, practical, and a trend that seems to be staying put for spring! I love the varsity style with fun accents that make it stand out. Here are two options I'm going gaga over:

Next in line, I know we're all on the hunt for cute spring sandals... and I found some that look very similar to my beloved Birks, but may help the budget a bit more for you frugal fans! Here's a look at two options:

Y'all know I live for a good jumpsuit/romper and one that can be dressed up OR down is key... let's talk black because they are versatile and classic, BUT I've found a few with a bit more detail to make them stand out from the rest.

Moving on to an everyday essential, the backpack... I'm seeking out one to act as a handbag, a carry-all for when I'm working from the coffee shop, and one that is easy on the eyes! And of course grey keeps catching my attention because it's my favorite neutral that's anything but boring:

If you saw this Instagram post the other day, you know I am a sunglasses addict... I've decided that's what I "collect" and I'd say it's a pretty good thing to treasure, so I'll keep adding to the tally. Sunglasses make a statement all their own and I'm always on the hunt for my next pair so I thought these red styles were definitely worth noting! 

Pick your poison and find some new pretty things for spring!! So tell me what more splurge versus save options you want to see and I will do some major shop investigating...


  1. I love this! I'm totally going to check these out!
    Sarah Lindner

  2. Girl YES! SO many good save options!

  3. Such great options. Loving those rompers!

  4. I am loving the Chloe bags this season!! I am loving the Faye leather shoulder bag but I just cant seem to make myself spend that type of money on one just yet!! I'll have to find a save option in that style for myself!!

  5. I love this...gives your audience such great options especially on the trendier items! Loving that pink bomber 😍😍😍


  6. I love the purse. It would look amazing with the frill romper.

  7. Love all these!! I'm ALL for the look for less. Why pay for a name when you can get the same thing for wayyyy less!

    - Mary

  8. I'd love to see high/low options for a white lace dress (hello Easter & spring!), a good neutral dressy sandal, and a flattering mom-bod swimsuit.

  9. Such good finds! I love the RM bag!


  10. Omg...love these fab savings! I actually like the look of the cheaper version on each item...especially the color of that RM bag. I also am obsessed with saving! Way to save!!

  11. Seriously I love a good dupe for my favorites! This is such a great post for the fashionista on a budget!

    Meghan | beyondbasicblog.com

  12. The best roundup!! Now I want EVERYTHING on the save side!

    Alice at Lone Star Looking Glass

  13. I love posts like these!! I love that I can save on some amazing things!

  14. I love these posts! And that Rebecca Minkoff is so gorgeous!!

  15. I love the Le Specs and that darling romper! Need!



  16. Target sandals for the win every single summer! They really come out with the best designs year after year! I would love to hear your picks for budget friendly (under $50) aviator sunglasses. Also- I cannot believe you are planning Caroline's fifth birthday party! I found your blog when we were both pregnant with our first babies and it doesn't seem possible their fifth birthdays are coming so soon! I wish there was a time machine to slow it down and even sneak back every now and then for a newborn snuggle!

  17. Great post.


  18. Hi Natasha,

    I know it's two months away but I would love to see a post about Easter outfits for women. I am having a hard time with inspiration this year and keep leaning towards trusty black which isn't Spring/Easter time. Maybe it's because it's still cold outside. :) Thank you!

    1. working on this post for you now... coming early march!!!