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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's been a HECTIC few weeks... that's pretty much all I can say. From Jeff traveling all over the country for work, to me in Atlanta for Sugar Bit, to the girls' coughy winter colds that we can't seem to get rid of, and then a severe allergic reaction I had, I felt like it was Groundhog Day every single day. I know it's hard to complain when others are facing far worse, it still makes you throw your hands up and say "What the Hell?!?!"""

But instead of the womp womp, let's focus on the good.
First things first, my three-day whirlwind SOLO market trip to ATL... got to see my good girlfriends from Val's Boutique for dinner, had a fun little run-in with my fellow momboss and pal Chelsea, stocked up on fall and winter 2017 goodies for Sugar Bit, and of course packed in plenty of personal shopping, too.

say you love me mini dress [on sale for $83--heck yes]
the view from the penthouse is ALWAYS the best
 new goodies coming for the little ladies... fall 2017 is SO cute
 when your hair game is strong, it's a must to take a picture ;) 
 my sunless staples: say hello gel | loreal mist | st. moriz dark mist
 playing fashion show upon my return... look at that leg prop
 old navy spring for the win! coral supply jacket | striped swing dress
 baking cupcakes for our valentine's playdate!!
 bathttime shenanigans = water guns for the win
 new wall decor for Carson's big girl room... I mean, how could I say no to this giraffe?!?!
did some pre-spring bathing suit shopping...the prietag on this one piece cannot be beat!! P.S. size up ;) 
 sent out caroline's birthday invitations... tea party prep has officially started! 
 snagged these bow slip-on sneakers... under $40?!?! yes please!! 

 sisters before church... can't handle the cuteness!!
 give me all the drop earrings... the more color, the better!!

Happy Valentine's Day friends!!! Hope you all have a LOVEly day with your special ones... we are celebrating tonight with the girls and heading to Meg and Aaron's house to do dinner family style!!


  1. Those bow sneakers & coral jacket are the bees knees!!

  2. I love your red jacket.

  3. Love the blue embroidered dress! Do you mind me asking what size you are wearing? Shopbop's sizing can be so off sometimes!