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Monday, January 30, 2017

Being a lifestyle and mom blogger, I try to keep it fresh and up-to-date with things we love, what we're currently using, the girls' favorite activities, etc. Since it's winter and we're all stuck inside a bit more than usual on the nights and weekends, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some of our favorite family board games with ya'll!!
Not only are these fun to play [and approved by us parents as well], but they're educational as well so they make for tools and resources to teach them math, letter/number/color recognition, fine motor skills, and so much more. We have each of the products listed below in our game closet and I would highly recommend each and every one of them for tons of fun time together.

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game | Spin the wheel, squeeze the matching color acorns with the squirrel tongs, and place them in your log... the first person to collect all the colors wins! P.S. Carson isn't a fan of when someone "steals" her acorns ;)

Candyland | My favorite board game growing up, this was a must to add to our collection of board games... they have a few varieties, but I love the one that still uses the actual cards with the colored squares on them, so be sure you've found the right one! You know the drill... select a card, move that many spaces, and first one to reach the candy castle wins!!

Kids Bingo | Just like the adult version, but with a spin to get the kiddos involved and learning, this version has them matching artwork to spell out BINGO. Another favorite of ours is the Alphabet Bingo! Be the first to shout "Bingo" in this Target Exclusive of the classic game. Plays up to six, so you and your young ones an all take turns matching the artwork on the tokens to your game board!

Operation | My girls LOVE to play "doctor" so this was a must-have for them... playing operation and taking out the funny tools and games in Mr. Sam make for loads of laughs! And that buzzer is far less annoying than it was when I was growing up = winning. 

Hungry Hungry Hippo | Feeding frenzy and fast action fun!!! Collect the most marbles OR the golden marble to win... but be prepared to buy extra marbles because we lose ours ALL the time. 

Let's Go Fishing Game | This one is my favorite for hand-eye coordination skills! Whoever catches the most fish wins... and no, I NEVER win this one... hahaha!

Yeti in My Spaghetti | You lay the noodles across the bowl... then you remove the noodles one by one, trying not to let the Yeti fall into the bowl!

Pie Face | Us adults might love this as much as the kiddos, but it's SO fun to play together... plus, any game that involves whipped cream is a win in our house! Just when you think you've missed the pie to the face, it ALWAYS goes off... love it. 

Disney Matching Game | Great for memory skills, the matching game is one my girls never get tired of playing... it's fun to collect all the Disney characters, stack up our matches, and see who gets the most matches! 

Other games on our wishlist include Guess Who, Hot Potato, Mouse Trap, and Jenga. We also love to gift games to our friends, so they make for awesome birthday presents, too!
So tell me, what are some of YOUR favorite family games?!?!?! 


  1. I want to try Pie Face. The Youtube videos of the game are hilarious.

  2. Zingo (my kids just love this one) & sequences are played over and over right now in our house.

  3. My son just turned 8yo so we are bit ahead of you with the games - but Zingo, Spot It, Rat a Tat Cat card games and Perfection were all big favorites!

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