Life with Caroline and Carson || Fall 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's been quite a bit since I have done an update on those two sweet babies of mine, so I thought now would be a good time to give a little synopsis about my gals and what all we've been up to lately [and let's face it, to document this time frame since we know I fail to finish baby books and whatnot].

Caroline Cate || 4 Years, 8 Months
Oh Tuttie... four has been a year of so much advancement and growth on your end. I swear, each day you amaze me with your insight, your smarts, your kindness, and your ability to remember so many tiny details from things that happened long ago... you surprise us all the time. I have no fear about you going to kindergarten next year because you are going to be the head of the class my little learning lover child. P.S. I am calling it now... I'm sure you're going to be an Engineer or Lawyer, mark my words!
You love to draw, color, do puzzles, play Go Fish and Bingo with anyone willing, and are still a cuddler by nature...thank heavens one of my babies likes to snuggle close and you are your daddy's child in that regard. Our "special thing" is letting you sleep with me when dad is out of town and I savor it so very much. You're sweet and sincere, always thinking of others first, and  wear your heart on your sleeve. Soccer is over for the season, and you really enjoyed it, though I'm fairly certain you loved to socialize with your new friends on the team rather than the actual sport itself... it's been a great activity for you and I am proud of your ability to keep at it! Your determination will take you far my Caroline Cate. One of my favorite parts of the day is dinnertime where we sit around and talk about our day together... you love to share what's going on at school, what sign language you're learning, new Spanish you're learning at MDO, funny things that happen, what you talk about in chapel, and bedtime prayers are a constant sense of sweetness... you make sure to thank God for so many people and things and it warms my heart to see Him working on you at such a young age. You love to be outside, running and playing and riding your bike and playing catch with Chloe. Lulu is still your best friend, and you spoil that bunny silly... you're a total mama in training and cuddle her all the time. You love any and all hair accessories, and love to dress yourself, usually in some type of skirt, your fur boots, and a festive shirt... it's hilarious and adorable because you love to put on fashion shows. It's your second year in ballet and tap and you are learning so much... already working on your recital routine and showing me your newly learned positions from Miss Maureen. This season of your life has been one where I am truly realizing you're growing up into a little girl, with your new antics saying "OMG", but let's face it... you'll always be my little CC, forever and always. Christmas is going to be spectacular this year, I know it!!

Carson Elizabeth || 3 Years, 6 Months
Where to even begin my little nugget... oh goodness you keep us on our toes CONSTANTLY as there is never a dull moment with you around. Literally, from the moment you wake up until bedtime at night, you're 100% ball of energy and it's hard to keep up! Your zest for life, firecracker personality, and smile that I can't seem to say no to are just some of the characteristics that make you you. You're a sponge right now, soaking up everything around you and you are always singing... I hope you never lose that talent of totally being your extroverted self. You love to change outfits 4+ times a day, usually rotating between Jasmine and Belle costumes and then you'll put on a show... SO SO funny! You love to play Hungy Hungry Hippos, listen to me tell you stories at night, sing karaoke, and are a builder/tinkerer by nature... if there is something to get into, we always know you'll find a way to get in there.
You LOVE to climb and jump off furniture, and give me anxiety attacks weekly trying to make sure you don't hurt yourself or wind up in the ER again. Hearing your prayers every night is one that I savor because you always pray for your favorite zoo animals first, especially the flamingos. We finally took the guard rails off your big girl bed, but your bean bag is still next to your bed just in case you fall out due to your funny sleeping habits. You love to try new foods, are enamored with your big sister and emulating everything she does and love to help me "do work". Ballet is going well so far, though Miss Maureen tells us you may have a future in theatrical acting because of how vocal you are and love all eyes on you. You're remarkable my little nugget... I love you SO very much!

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  1. Love these! How precious are they?! You'll be so happy you wrote all this down. Sweet, sweet memories. Love how Carson prays for the flamingos!!!