Stay On Top of Your Fall Fitness Goals

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Autumn is here and it feels like a fresh start. The leaves are changing so there's no better time to make those little changes to be your best self. Each time a new season comes, it's a new beginning and a chance for us to reinvent ourselves and accomplish new things. The weather makes us simply feel different, and therefore it's the best time to embrace personal growth.

Fall is a perfect time for us to set attentions for ourselves. We can try new things and finish the goals we have set for ourselves. First and foremost, we must do some soul searching to truly figure out who we want to be and how accomplishing our goals will help get you there.

It’s important to set out realistic expectations when setting your goals. One way to do this is by writing out goals—but, in the spirit of being kind to ourselves we should write these goals out in a way that's inspiring. Instead of saying, “I will go running 5 times a week,” we should say, “I will strive my best to become the healthiest and happiest by being fit outdoors.” This helps us totally change our mentality.

One goal I am setting for myself is to "live a healthier and more active self this season"... I'm hoping my setting a broader goal, I can actively achieve it without making myself fell guilty if I don't make it to the gym as much as I'd like or if I indulge in a bit too many Halloween treats. 

Even though we should be realistic, it doesn’t me we can’t dream big. There is no shame in planning bigger goals than we've ever set for ourselves before. You can do anything you set your mind to with proper planning and a dedication to execution. Think about a goal you’ve previously accomplished and how you can take it a step further. Were you able to go to spin class 3 times a week leading up to a big event? It’s not that much more effort to go 4… you can do it!

If you’re setting fitness goals, it's important to ask friends and family for help [I turn to Jeff for a little motivation now and then, too]. Perhaps there are others in our inner circle that are looking to make changes. What better way than to do it together?

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