Real Life: My Last 10 Snapshots from the Phone

Monday, September 12, 2016

A reader [thanks Lauren!] suggested that I do a blog dedicated to my "past ten pictures on my phone" post so I thought it would be fun to give you a peak into what I'm capturing with my fancy camera iPhone as of late! 
P.S. I'm hoping this gets you out of the normal Monday funk, too ;) 

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 
1. Disney Countdown Calendar: not sure if this is for me OR the girls, but it's been fun to see what challenges we have each day... my "to-do" should involve packing and planning, but I'm thinking about Dole Whips, Epcot drinking, and meeting all the princesses

2. Sugar Bit Flat Lay: I take 3 to 4 of these each day for the shoppe and it's so much fun on showing off our new arrivals, accessories, gifts, etc. I'm not going to lie.. it's my favorite thing to post on Sugar Bit's IG because it stands out and it's fun to play with so much of our cute fall finds!

3. Disney Magic Bands: Yes, it was just like Christmas morning when this beloved package arrived... and of course I had to buy monogram decals so everyone's would look a little more fancy for our trip! 

4. Pot Roast: It's what's for dinner!! The crockpot comes to the rescue yet again... it's a bi-weekly staple in our house because everyone loves it and it's super easy for this working mama to make. Here's the recipe if you're looking for a delish fall dinner where you throw it all in a pot and let the crock do its thing. 

5 and 6. My Life Mottos: Shopping and drinks... happy reminders to work hard and make it to the end of the day so I can shop online and serve some champs

7. Bai Bubbles: Can you tell this lady likes a drink, whether that be non-alcoholic or with a little adult "flavoring"??? My friend Julie just introduced me to this drink and I've scooped up a ton of them at the grocery the past week. Bai... just 5 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and no artificial sweeteners! My favorite flavors are the Jamaica Blood Orange, Indonesia Nashi Pear, and Peru Pineapple. 

8. Trader Joes Prosecco: Cheers to wine in grocery stores in Tennessee... I know, we were behind the times folks!! But now, I can stock up as often as I like and enjoy this $6 bottle of goodness anytime. 

9. Baby Shower Fever: The first of Meg's baby shower invites arrived and it's proudly displayed on the fridge!!! I just finished addressing the last of our Nashville variety this past weekend, so get excited for a sneak peak of those to come ASAP. They are SOOOOOOO cute!!!! 

10. Black Birks: Trying to tell myself I don't "need" these for Disney, but a girl can never have too many shoes, right?!?!?! They're still in my cart online, and I haven't pulled the trigger... trying to be good and behave myself for once. 


  1. this is a fun little post and easy way to share your pictures. You guys are going to have so much fun at Disney, and you can't go wrong with a monogram, so cute!!!

    1. thanks Brittany!!!! i thought this was a fun post idea, too ;)
      and yes... the countdown is SO on!!!

  2. Love this! Give me all the bubbly items, too! And you totally need those shoes.

  3. I LOVE BAI BUBBLES!! What a fun cute little post! Maybe I'll do it some day, too! :) Have fun at Disney!!