Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I am constantly getting emails and comments about what market is like and I thought it would be fun to give you a little play by play of the day's events, schedule, shopping, and such so you can get a sneak peak of what the crazy world of retail is truly like!

Bags packed and ready to go... I'm not a good packer when it comes to downsizing and ONLY bringing what you need so these packing cubes from Ikea make packing so much easier for me. P.S. they are only $8 if you belong to the Ikea family program which is free. And yes, my Kendra Scott jewelry organizer gets a ton of use as well, and holds all my sentimental baubles in place. 
Us girls packed up the car and left Nashville mid-afternoon Wednesday so we could beat the rush hour traffic... once we arrived in Atlanta, it was off to Pappasito's for our favorite Mexican, fajitas and margaritas. Afterwards, we headed to the hotel to unwind and get some rest for the long days ahead! 

Fast forward to day one of market... I'm the early girl who heads downstairs to Starbucks to grab breakfast and coffee before the "rush" and then comes back to get ready! Usually, I like to wear a dress, heels or wedges, and fun accessories. And yes, we do a TON of walking so I tend to abuse my feet, but it's just a preference. Flats come later ;) My first ensemble was this Multicolor Print Shift Dress... so comfy, easy to dress up or down, and it's only $22... win!
When I'm at market, I pack our schedules so our appointments in each showoom are pretty much back to back. It's a long day of selection, picking out sizes and ordering, but I only get one chance to write the correct things, so we make sure we're bringing the best of the best to stock Sugar Bit for each season. Here are a few sneak peaks of some goodies that will be arriving early next year online:

After day one of market wrapped up, we headed to the Children's World Fashion Show that night... it's so much fun to see those little ones strutting their stuff down the runway and modeling some of the newest styles. It also makes for a great time to check out new brands, mingle with other shop owners, and have a glass of wine (or two). That night, we met up with my girl Val from Val's Boutique and had dinner at the Sun Dial on the top of our hotel... plenty of laughs, good food, cocktails, and girl talk! 
Day two was back with another day full of appointments from 9AM to 6PM. I was able to wear one of my favorite midi dresses (the one I had to search high and low for last year)... that day, we picked out coordinating swimwear, loads of pajamas, added a fun new line of headbands and bows to our collections, and picked up a few must-have women's dresses! Once all was said and done, we headed back to the hotel to change and then went out for a relaxing dinner to Ray's in the City

Our last day or market came way too quickly... we met up with the last of our appointments and finished up around 1PM before doing some personal shopping on the Cash and Carry floor... perfect for stocking up on baubles, ponchos for fall, and a few other goodies for my babies at home, too!

It was THE best market trip I've had so far... I felt confident in what we ordered, happy to share just a handful of sneak peaks for everyone to see, and now I'm ready to tackle Dallas! 
Thanks for reading along friends OXOX

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  1. I absolutely love everything you wore on your trip! I think you need to expand into women's clothing- you have such FAB taste!! :) And when I have a mini I will definitely be shopping Sugarbit :)

    1. hahaha... finding a few must-have pieces here and there that we are adding for us ladies ;)

      thanks friend

  2. This was a fun post, really enjoyed it and may have to consider getting something for my new nephew this Fall.

    1. would LOVE to have you...thanks for reading along Toni ;)

  3. Love getting a behind the scenes look and the process of picking the new lines for your shop! What fun you must have. I also love that you posted the Ikea packing cubes and the Kendra Scott jewelry organizer. I did not know Ikea sold those and those are so much cheaper than I have found and I love organizers like that!!! And I have always wanted one of those KS organizers! I don't travel much but just love the look of it!