Fun at the Fair!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On Sunday, Mimi and Pap and I took the girls to the Williamson County Fair for one of our most fun yearly family traditions... since daddy Jeff had been on baby duty while I was at market, I told him to take it easy on the couch and we headed off to the Ag Center for an afternoon adventure! 

As soon as we arrived, we headed inside to check out the winners from the various categories... our favs always include the quilts, the pumpkins, and the desserts! The girls were lucky to get the very last spots in line for the face painting, and of course they both chose mermaid designs for their faces... they looked adorable!! 

 Once we headed outside, we spoiled ourselves with banana ice cream [THE best], and took turns hopping on and off the rides with the girls... from the bees to the carousel to the motorcycles, they definitely had a ball and I think this was the perfect warm-up for Disney next month!

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  1. awww i love their face paint!! perfect disney prep!!