five on friday... hey hey hey!

Friday, August 19, 2016

It's been awhile dear friends... I'm hopping on the Five on Friday bandwagon today for five good things I'm excited to talk about and share!

ONE || Truzzi's Bath and Body
Whenever we have overnight company, I usually try to make an attempt to spoil them silly with some fun "welcome" products so that they feel at home. My friends at Truzzi's reached out and we thought it would be fun to create a basket of goodies to show your guests a special touch so they can rest and relax with natural bath and body products made with goat's milk. Not a regular B&B?? Use these as a housewarming gift, or as basket to pamper a special friend who needs a little bit of love [or yourself just because].
I love having the chance to work with other small business owners and help spread the word on companies we love and I think Truzzi's would make great gifts for anyone... each and every product is made from scratch, by hand, without any premade bases. They incorporate pure essential oils into many of their products, too...
Today I'm showing off a few of their most popular items and giving you a chance to win these exact same goodies!! Just head to their Facebook page and "like" them and leave a comment below with your email... easy and simple!
P.S. the Pink Champagne Goat Milk Soap is my favorite item I've tried so far, with the Bath Melts as a close second!

TWO || Backpack Attack
Am I the only one having a slight backpack obsession this season??? I'm finding all sorts of trusted packs that can haul my goodies around for fall... and looking good while doing it. I've rounded up a few favorites and sharing off this sweet navy striped backpack I just bought for our upcoming Disney trip!

THREE || Back to School, Dance, and Soccer
This week has been a big one in our house... we returned to all things "back to school" and such with our extra curricular activities as well as Mother's Day Out. My girls have been so excited to get back and see their friends, teachers, and such and this mama is now trying to figure out how you moms with older kids juggle it all... SO glad we have one more year until kindergarten so we can try to master this schedule a bit more! 

FOUR || A Weekend at Home
Holy moly... I'm not a person who loves to sit down very often, but this weekend, I am SO thankful for a weekend at home with my little family. Soccer practice tomorrow morning followed by a birthday party, and then church on Sunday followed by time with grandparents = just what the doctor ordered after being out of town for three weekends in a row. Cheers to that! 

FIVE || 50% Off Sale 
Like I could forget my beloved little shop's BIG summer sale... everything in our sale collection is now 50% off!! Stock up like I do, buy for back to school, or gift someone a little special goodie
[no code needed and all sales are final]... because it's WAY more fun to shop at home in your pajamas anyways!


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  2. I blogged today about that same exact BP faux leather bag!! I just took it on cross-country travel and it held up so well (it even fit my laptop!). Nicely done on the MDO about-me posters :) Too cute!

    1. good to know it's a winner!!!!!!! thanks my dear ;)

  3. I liked them and would love to try the goat's milk soap! :)

  4. I liked them and would love to try the goat's milk soap! :)

  5. The goat milk soap in Fresh Picked Strawberries and Rosemary Mint both sound amazing!

  6. Your girls are SO adorable! I love those green dresses!!!

  7. Liked Truzzi's Facebook page -