Girl's Bunco Weekend... Lake Time Fun!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Girl time... there isn't ever enough, right?!?!?! We gathered up our best girls, headed to the lake for the weekend, and spent our time eating, cocktailing, getting some vitamin D from the sun, and catching up on way too many conversations that I am sworn to secrecy on.

Here's a little recap of our adventure:

Megan and I started out Friday with a little rendezvous shopping trip to The Faded Farmhouse since it was on our way... the cutest little farm-chic nest full of fun and we cannot wait to go back! That afternoon, we arrived and waited for the rest of the party to get into town... honestly, it was so quiet we had no idea what to do so we got down to business with cocktails!
Once some of the crew got to the fun, we cooked dinner, sat around and had girl talk, feasted on lasagna, and then played my new game called Odious Lists... HILARIOUS! Think of it as Scattegories with an adult twist... SO MUCH FUN!
The next morning, we made breakfast, relaxed for a bit and waited for the rest of our bunco babes to arrive, and then we headed down to the dock to spend the day in the sun... loads of tunes, girl talk, swimming, playing games, and of course, food and snacks!
Some of the ladies had to return home that night, but the rest of us stuck around for an all out Mexican dinner, more rounds of our favorite cocktails with glow straws, and got wild until about 11pm before we crashed... have I mentioned we love our sleep more than staying up late now?!?!?!
It was THE best weekend, surrounded by fantastic friends... let the planning for round two commence ;)


  1. Woo! Looks so fun. How adorable is the faded farmhouse AND your necklace!

  2. I want that game!!!! What a fun girls weekend

  3. We have a girls stay-cation coming up & I cannot wait!!

  4. SO MUCH FUN!! Nothing better than a girls weekend away x