five on friday

Friday, June 10, 2016

one || hair curling fun
I promised you a video and though I gave my Instagram friends a little teaser the other day, here is the full rundown of how I fix my mane... curling iron tutorial from a girl that loves her some waves!


and of course, you need to product details so here are those, too:

two || paper products make me giddy
Design Love Fest has recently launched a TOTALLY fun and adorable line of paper products at Target and I'm going crazy over all the sweetness... this absolutely takes paper products to an entirely new level!! Job well done YET AGAIN Target.

three || recital time... cue the tears
This little cutie has her very first dance recital tomorrow afternoon and I am SO excited... yes, I'll be the crazy person in the audience recording the entire 4 minute routine because this is something we'll have to replay for years and years to come. We had her pictures taken Wednesday night and I will be honest and say it brought back so many wonderful memories from my 12+ years taking dance. She was glowing, partly because she loved her hair [so glad I pulled that off] and her fancy makeup. Grassland Dance Academy has been fantastic and I am excited for both my babies to be there next year!

four || father's day crafting for a good cause
When it comes to supporting Nashville, I am all for wanting to spread the word about fun events, espeically ones that go towards something meaningful. Next Saturday, June 18th from 10am-2pm, you can join The Hankabee Button Company which is doing CRAFT for a CAUSE: Father's Day Edition.
Take your little ones out to create a special button, magnet and/or card for Dad... you draw it, they press it. Fun, huh?? Adults [AKA big kids] are welcome to join in the fun, too! Event is by donation only so you can give as you wish, and all proceeds go to Room in the Inn, a local organization that provides shelter for men and women from November through March.

five || the 5 year anniversary
Tomorrow is a big one in our world... Jeff and I celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary and I can't lie, some days it feels much longer... hehe, yes we talk about that from time to time. After Caroline's recital, we are heading downtown to our favorite restaurant for dinner while the girls jet off to Mimi and Pappy's house for a weekend sleepover so we can celebrate! Cheers to five years Jeff... I love you the mostest babe and cannot wait to see what the next five looks like. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! Also, just a suggestion but you may want to check with your dance company if they allow recording during the recital. Most often you can purchase a DVD and that way you can enjoy the show and not disrupt others while recording. My daughter has been dancing for eight years in recitals at three studios and they all have that policy. I'm sure it will be one you'll never forget.