A Letter to My Carson... On Your 3rd Birthday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oh Tink,
It's been three years since you sent us all in a tizzy and showed up two weeks before your due date... something should've told me that would predict your personality, as you are absolutely one to do things ALL on your own time.
Though you'll always be "the baby", this past year I have seen you grow tremendously in terms of your verbal skills, independence, desire to learn, and of course that personality that makes all of us melt.
The terrible twos were in full force, but I have treasured this season in your life and have savored it all, knowing it is something to relish and laugh about all the funny things you continue to do.
You're the feisty one, the one that usually gets what she wants because you are mischievous and rarely take no for an answer. You want nothing more than to do anything and everything your big sister does and we are currently working on learning to share... it's been a little difficult, my dear, but I know it's hard having to share all those dress-up clothes, dolls, and games. You make the funniest faces I have ever seen, and are SO ticklish. You also have a tiny little lisp when you say certain words and I can't say it's not the cutest thing ever.
Your favorites have stayed the same for the most part... you still love any and all kinds of pasta, though you beg for meatballs for dinner at least twice a week. You still love blackberries, pineapple, watermelon, and edamame, cheeseburgers, and quesadillas. You would forego milk in exchange for any type of juice or lemonade, but mama insists on milk and H2O as much as I can manage.
You have a love of all things Belle/Beauty and the Beast, and are constantly in singing mode. I swear you're destined to have a future in music my little nugget... you tune everyone else out and steal the show anytime you can... I have no idea where you get that from ;).
You love to read and current favs include Madeline, The Pop-Up Mice of Mr. Brice, The Adventures of Jojo and Lulu, and any story involving Disney princesses. You have also memorized The Lord's Prayer and hearing you say it each night before bed is a true highlight of my day... you're still obsessed with your stuffed bunny Hoppy, any blanket you can get your hands on, your Bitty Baby, Abby, and would wear your Dorothy dress every single day if I let you. And let's not get started on the love affair with all things makeup... you're a blush and lip gloss girl no doubt! Never a dull moment my little Carson.
Right now, we're in the midst of potty training time and it's been a bit challenging... one day you're all about it, and the next you'd love to wear a pull-up so we've kicked it into high gear so you'll be ready for school when MDO starts back in August. We have been working on our letters and numbers and you're doing great in swim lessons... a little fish for sure!
Lastly, I want to reiterate your fascination of all things yellow. Never in my life have I seen anything like it... whether it's food, coloring, outfits, items in the store... if it's yellow, you love it. This may be a reason I've been eyeing that yellow Jenny Lind bed already... it's destined to be in your big girl room that we will soon be working on!

So that's it for my little letter to you sweet pea... you bring so much joy and happiness to our world. You are a dream come true and a vivacious little one that has big things ahead. So proud to be your mama, Carson. I love you the most, forever and always.


  1. This is such a sweet little post! x

    Victoria | victoriaahelenn.blogspot.com

  2. So precious! And her facial expressions!

  3. She is Precious! Happy birthday Carson!

  4. What a couple of cutie pies. Happy Bday Carson!