five on friday...

Friday, May 20, 2016

ONE. I See Me Personalized Books
I'm always on the prowl for unique finds for the girls and other friends' little ones for birthday gifts and such and I was so excited to have been introduced to I See Me Personalized Books a few weeks ago! It takes personalization to an entirely new level with names, maps of your hometown, and pictures of your child as well. I chose the Princess Version for both of my babies and bedtime hasn't been the same since... let's just say now they are telling people they are real princesses ;) I love the different themes they have for so many occasions, including Big Sister/Brother Books, Christmas and Baptisms, too.

TWO. Kortni Jeane Love
You may remember my Kortni Jeane collaboration from a few months ago where I talked about their collection of mix and match bathing suits... read the full feature here. Since then, I have gone back a handful of times to purchase more tops and bottoms and I wanted to give you a few more details about my favorite styles, fit, etc since I've had so many people asking for some help in that area. 
a. Fav Styles: In terms of tops, I own a few styles, but my top two favorites include the Swing Top as well as the V-Neck Top... great support with built-in cups, and enough coverage perfect for playing with your little ones at the beach, pool, lake, etc. In terms of fit, I have bought an XS in all styles and they are a perfect fit. 
When it comes to bottoms, I have both the High Waist Bottoms and the Ruched Bottoms. The fit is very similar for both and run TTS [I bought a small in all colors/patterns] but if you're a little weary of your bottom half like me, the ruching provides a little more coverage and slims out your front! 
b. Fav Colors and Patterns: Once you buy from Kortni Jeane, you'll be itching for them to debut their new collections... I promise. They release every month or so, which has been bad for my wallet, but good for my swimwear wardrobe. Fav solid colors that I have bought include the Navy, Yellow, Pink and Salmon and prints that I heart include the Black and White Stripe, Black Floral, and Rising Moon. 
Also, this write-up isn't sponsored in any way... I just wanted to tell you about a small business I 100% love and support and hoping it helps some of you find some fashionable swimmers, too! 

THREE. Recipe Favs Added to our Lineup
I've been experimenting with some Pinterest Food Love recipes this past week for dinner and I have two that you need to test out ASAP... 
First out is Easy Chicken Piccata via Noshtastic. A winner from everyone at our table, it was ready in less than 30 minutes and I had every ingredient [less the capers] already in our pantry! 

Second in line is this Blackened Chicken and Strawberry Salad via Cherry on My Sundae. It was a little more labor intense than my normal salad mixes, BUT the homemade strawberry vinaigrette dressing more than made up for the extra steps. Perfect summer dish for so many occasions. 

FOUR. All the Bright Colors... and 50% Off, Yes Please!!
Color comes in many forms, but my favorite bold tones come from JCrew and their Factory Store is having a major 50% off sale in store this weekend! I popped into our local shop the other day and stocked up on a few casual essentials including tanks and a few more pair of my favorite boardwalk shorts... rounded up a collection of pretties in case you've been eyeing some festive frocks for summer, too!

FIVE. Savor the Good, Eliminate the Bad
Just a few noteworthy quotes speaking to my heart as of late... hoping they shed a little bit of goodness your way too friends! Enjoy the weekend and I will be back next week OXOX


  1. Those princess books are SO CUTE! Definitely going to have to keep those in mind for the next time I need a special gift!

  2. Love those princess books! I think C might need one. :)
    I'm trying your chicken picatta recipe today after seeing it on Instagram this week. Can't wait!
    Hope you're having a great weekend, my dear!

    1. how did the chicken turn out??? hope you loved it... and yes, the girls are obsessed with those books!

  3. I've never seen swim suits like these ! Perfect mom suits !! You just changed my life and summers !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

    1. absolutely!! hope you love them, too