five on friday

Friday, April 29, 2016

one. murder mystery date night 
We are always on the hunt for original date night ideas in Nashville, and when I learned about The Murder Mystery Co, I was instantly intrigued. Jeff and I went to the show last weekend and had a ball... basically, it's a roaring 20's type scenario where you play a detective or a suspect and throughout the event, you meet with your team and try to solve the murder while enjoying an Italian style dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. 
Although we weren't able to dress up, they encourage participants to come dressed in their best flapper or mobster looks in the hopes of winning the costume contest, too. 
I think this would be SO MUCH FUN for a large group night out on the town and I am totally going to be recommending we go back for our Bunco Grub Club soon! 
Looking for an upcoming show? See their website schedule here. 

two. nordstrom price matching
Maybe I've been the only one living underneath a rock, but I just recently noticed that Nordstrom has a section completely devoted to all things Price Matched. Find an item cheaper somewhere else? They gladly price match, which means superior customer service! I rounded up a few favorites currently discounted right now:

three. peacock alley linens
I had the pleasure of meeting the ladies of Peacock Alley at their design showroom on Wednesday afternoon... founder Mary Ella Gabler was in town signing copies of her book and I was so excited to learn more about the maven behind their notorious bedding brand. I so look up to other women who successfully run their own companies and it was so exciting to have the opportunity to ask her questions about her success, her tips and tricks, and what her best advice would be to someone like me... P.S. she told me the most important thing is to love what you're doing! 

And for those who asked about my dress, you can find it here for just $44... it's comfy, stretchy cotton, and flowy to flatter so many body shapes! 

four. one busy week
It's been a whirlwind of a week... it's been days filled of takeout and Chick-Fil-A, early morning wakeu-ps and late night tuck-ins due to work and play and everything mixed in between, but goodness I can't complain because we've managed to build in nightly walks to see the beloved baby geese, to savor in all the springtime weather, to meet new friends at another local Sugar Bit pop-up shop, and of course spend time with my two best girls... cheers to the weekend! 

five. mother's day sweets 
Still on the hunt for her favorite Mother's Day gift?? I stumbled across the goodness of Vermont Nut Free Chocolate last week and it seems as though everyone in my house has been loving these goodies, especially my oh so picky husband that loves that everything is nut-free... and yes, totally good for those nut-allergy friends and family members we all have, too! P.S. try the Pretzel Mini-Twists, you won't be disappointed ;) 

Adios my friends... it's been real! Hope you all have a SPLENDID day!! Be sure to link up below to share your Friday Five and visit with my gal pals April and Christina, too... 


  1. I've been wanting to try that murder mystery dinner! I see you posted the Madewell tee from Nordstrom.. I am addicted to those tees and own them in at least 10 colors! They are a must buy, but you'll be hooked! I also love that striped dress of yours!

  2. I've always thought a murder mystery dinner would be so much fun!