Operation Fun Weekend Complete

Monday, February 29, 2016

This past weekend, the sun was out, the temps were climbing, and we were all about making it two days of pure fun after Daddy got home from traveling all week... 
Friday night we had family date night out to our favorite local Mexican restaurant and caught up on all our TV shows from the past week. 
Saturday morning, Jeff and Caroline headed out on a field trip to the lake, so Carson and I decided to have a day date of our very own... from drop-offs at the post office to 9 Fruits for smoothies to TJ Maxx and Old Navy to stock up on their 40% off everything sale, we finally ended up at Newk's Cafe for lunch followed by The Comfy Cow, my girl had the best day with her mama and I was reminded at how much I desperately need to find more time for some individual quality time with each of my little gals. 

she was LOVING this chair at Homegoods... haha comfy over cute I guess??
my little lunchtime nosy one... always people watching
strawberry ice cream AND sprinkles... "i not share mama" :/
Later, Alex came over to babysit the girls for us as we were going to our good friends The Locke's house for Jordan's All 80s Althetic Birthday Party... he was born on leap year so he is turning nine this year so Chrissy went ALL OUT! It was pure awesomeness all around and we had a ball... Meg and Aaron went as American Gladiators: soooo funny and they won the costume contest, too! 

 me and my frito loving man

Sunday, we cleaned up the house, ran our normal weekend errands, dropped off Easter basket donations for a local charity at church, and spent all afternoon outside before cooking steaks and watching the Oscars. Thank heavens our favorite boy Leo FINALLY took home an Oscar!!! So much fun that is makes Monday even more sad... have a good one friends :)


  1. I just love theme parties!!!! This looks like it was a blast!! =)

  2. Replies
    1. wasn't it good???? i love me a good theme party

  3. Loving your costume for the party! And I stayed up until 5am watching the Oscars (as I live in the U.K) just to watch Leo take home that Oscar!

  4. I LOLed at the American Gladiator look. Also what a fun girl date!

    1. we know how to find them ;) hahaha

  5. What a fun weekend! My little girl is so nosy and always people watching too. Love that party theme idea, I'm going to have to remember that one.

    Erin, Attention To Darling

  6. the girls are getting so big! :) cute! glad you all are doing well