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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

You didn't think I could forget to craft myself a little list for St. Nicholas, did you?? I try to keep a running list throughout the year of things I simply won't buy myself or that might make a fun gift to receive during the holidays. I'm hoping I've been extra good this year and that Santa's best helper [AKA Jeff] might just check in to see what his wife is wishing for this year ;) 

Because one can NEVER have too many bags, I have been lusting over this Ceri Hoover Louisa Cheetah Satchel for what seems like FOREVER... oh please oh please let it be mine! And of course add in this gold Baily Crossbody Bag and I am set for everyday occasions and ones where I need to lighten the load, too. 

Pretty housewares is something I truly get giddy over, and it gets me excited to get in the kitchen so if I was gifted this Habari MugMint Pie Server, or Silver Fox Bottle Stopper, I have a feeling I wouldn't have an excuse not to open a bottle, drink some more coffee, or bake like my friend Betty. 

For other pretty purse fillables, I am desperately needing a new cosmetic case and this Naughty Nice Makeup Bag totally fits the bill. And if you're like me and are horrible about remembering to put business cards in your bag, this stylish and colorful Business Card Holder should do the trick! 

In terms of the apparel, this wine Ruffle Collar Dress Coat is the perfect mix of casual and dress and can be worn with a variety of winter oufits! Add on top this Knit Hat with Fur Pom Pom and I am set for winter weather... and because I can't get enough of the champs, this Champagne Loves Me Sweatshirt would be perfect as an everyday top to sport while running errands. 

Finally, Adele's 25 CD... and as you know, that needs no explanation whatsoever. 

So tell me! What's on your holiday wishlist this year!?!?!?!


  1. So that gorgeous JCrew coat just may be on its way to my closet as we speak! Thanks for the suggestion! : )

    1. mama needs cute clothes, too, right>!?!?!?!

  2. adele is on my wish list too! i already got the album in the mail and i loveeee it. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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