Halloween at The Stonekings || 2015 Edition

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I love it when Halloween falls on a weekend because we ACTUALLY get to take time to celebrate, invite friends over for trick-or-treating, and have a day to recuperate and get back to the normal routine. This year, we kept it pretty low key {surprising, right??] and had a handful of friends over as well as Mimi and Pap, and then dined on my lasagna soup and Mimi's chili... perfect staples for fall family-style eating and entertaining! 
I will admit that taking pictures was an epic fail, per usual these days, but Pappy helped and took the camera along so we could capture the haunting fun. 

Getting ready to head out for the night
 The sweetest good witch Glinda I ever did see
 Jack AKA Woody... isn't he THE cutest??? Just wishing the skinny jeans would've made an appearance
 My little wicked witch... or what she calls a "bad witch"... she was dangerous with that broom
 The best we could do... but all four of us in a picture= YAY
 The Sudburys... "hold on, we've got a Woody!"
 I love that our friends come with us trick-or-treating... we might steal candy once the kids go to sleep

 That baby sure does love her Aunt Meg

As much as we loved the girls costumes this year, I've already broken the news to Jeff that we will be dressing up as a family foursome next year so he better get ready... and yes, he will hate every minute of it. Hope your Halloween was just as ghoulish as ours!


  1. I totally want a family costume next year too and I'm sure my husband won't like the idea either!

  2. haha at least he has a year to buck up about the family costume. That is our goal next year too. Fingers crossed!

  3. Looks like a great time! My husband just announced this morning he will never do a family costume. I asked what that meant for a Star Wars theme and he immediately changed his mind. Not that I want to do Star Wars, I just wanted him to change his mind. :)

  4. so fun! can't wait to dress up our little boy next year... halloween looks way more fun with cute little kids. when they come up and say, 'trick or treat,' it melts my heart every single time.

  5. looks so fun :) i love all the costumes. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. So fun! I love the girls costumes and I can just imagine how many people Carson almost knocked out with that broom as my 2 yr and the broom don't mix!

  7. They look SO CUTE!!! it seems that you guys had a great time!! thanks for sharing upanddowninvenezuela.blogspot.com

  8. Adorable! Definitely some cuteness overload.

  9. They looked SO cute!!! Love their costumes. Looks like a total success to me!