five on friday

Friday, November 6, 2015

ONE || Say Yes to The Vest 
Seeing as I rarely have the time to leisurely pop in some of my favorite local shops, I am usually ordering clothes online... it's convenient, fast, and I can do it while I'm in my pajamas and no one judges me. Lately, I've been shopping for all things to layer this fall and of course I couldn't say no to this black and cream striped vest [first option featured below]. Also loving some of these other vest options...

TWO || Jayes Studio Finds
Last week, I was visiting My Habit when I stumbled upon one of my favorite decorative gift brands called Jayes Studio, on sale at 70% off retail. Ummm yes please! These make AMAZING gifts for housewarming, white elephant holiday soirees, favorite things parties, etc etc... you get my drift! I scooped up a few wastebaskets, trays, napkin holders, and such to bring some color to select spaces in our home and I love their fun designs. They are still available if you're on the hunt! 

THREE || CMA Fashion
I'm assuming I wasn't the only one partaking in the CMA Award action the other night?? Other than the fact that Chris Stapleton OWNED the show [see his performance here with the oh so dreamy JT] the fashion was definitely something else to swoon about! Here are a few of my favorites from the red carpet and show. P.S. how on earth do I get Carrie Underwood's legs??? HOLY MOLY how did she give birth this year????

FOUR || Hello There West Elm
I felt kinda famous the other day when the oh-so-talented Bax Miller tagged me on Facebook as she was sharing that her photo (from Caroline's Big Girl Bedroom Photoshoot) is featured on the West Elm website... pretty fancy, huh?? Just goes to show that my girl Kendall knows what she is doing and Caroline has excellent taste ;)

FIVE || Going MIA
If you don't see much of me over the next week or so, don't think I've abandoned you friends... Christmas Village is presently looming over me and I might be freaking out that it's almost here and I still have SO much to do to prepare for the biggest shopping event of the season. If you're attending, be sure to come by and say hello and do a little shopping! 

Hope you have a FANTASTICLY superb weekend friends! This mama is headed to Knoxville tonight for a friend's engagement party, Brooks' 1st birthday party tomorrow, and then back home to do more work for next week's craziness. Cheers! 


  1. Oh my goodness those vest options! Swoon!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. have fun at all the gatherings you're going to!
    & good luck getting all your stuff done for your show!

  3. Where is Caroline's dresser from? I love it!

  4. Pretty outfit! Nice pictures.

  5. What a great outfits!