Caroline and Carson's Fall and Winter 2015 Wardrobe

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm always having people ask me what I buy for the girls... my top picks when it comes to dressing them, and yes, most of the time they match. One, because it's easier for me trying to decide on one outfit and two, because I know one day they won't let me coordinate anymore and I will be the sad mama crying in the corner. With that, here is a little snapshot of some of the girls' attire for this fall and winter: 

Shoes || I know, most kids don't need this many pairs of shoes, but when you have girls, you can't get away with tennis shoes for every outfit. I may be a bit biased, but baby boots are a must in our home and they keep legs warm on chilly days, too. And rainboots double as snow boots when winter rolls around so this is a must for us as well! Add in mini Nikes, silver sparkle Toms, dressy navy patent leather mary janes and of course our beloved gold Livie and Luca and they are all set! 

Dresses || I usually shift to dresses for the girls... because they love them and they make for easy potty breaks AND because as they grow, we can repurpose them into tunics and tops when paired with leggings and pants... smart thinking, right?!?!? Here are a few that we are in the current rotation! 

Everyday Essentials || I can't dress them up everyday, so of course we have our everyday essentials that make perfect outfits for school, errands around town, weekend outings, and days when we need a more casual look. 

Outerwear || Of course with fall and winter come chilly temps, loads of windy days, and anything else Mother Nature deems necessary! Luckily, the girls' navy dress coats from last winter still fit so I was able to save some $$$ in that area and focus on the more casual coats and jackets... here are the cold weather goodies occupying our coat closet: 

Pajamas || I'm a sucker for pjs that we affectionately call "yummies" in our home... the ones that are comfy enough to keep on while lounging around the house, the ones that wash well and actually hold up, and the ones with sweet saying and cuteness that the girls enjoy, too! These are some that are in the regular rotation these days and a few that I've already snagged for holiday pj time which is coming soon! 

Accessories || I'm a mama to girls and my little ladies LOVE their ability to accessorize each and every outfit! They totally get this from me and they know it's all about layering when it comes to fall and winter accessories... scarves + gloves + hats = happy and healthy kiddos! Here are some of our favorites right now:

What's your favorite way to dress your little during the chilly fall and winter? 


  1. I have been wanting to get my daughter the pink Hunter boots for a while now, but I'm still having a hard time just doing it. They are so stinkin cute!

  2. yes need those hunters for my daughter! so pricey but i think worth it since you're right-you can wear them in the rain & snow!

  3. i really need to buy Violet a coat before we go to Chicago for thanksgiving! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I love it all!! And I want it all for Mim! Shopping for little girls is the greatest thing ever.