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Friday, October 9, 2015

ONE || Sweater Time
When I think of fall, I think of anything and everything pumpkin, cooler temps, scarves, and yummy oh-so-soft sweaters...of course now dear Mother Nature decided this time shall drag on and we've been in the 80s all week... thanks Farmer's Almanac! Loving all these goodies including cardigans, blanket sweaters, colorblocks, and fringe. What's your favorite sweater style to wear? 

TWO || It's a Sugar Bit Holiday
It's been a CRAZY week over here in children's shoppe land as we launched our 2015 Holiday Collection!! It's been a whirlwind of fun as I've started plotting so many Christmas gift sets and goodies and our holiday apparel is flying off the shelves and I'm fulfilling orders like a happy little elf... particularly when it comes to anything smocked and those beloved pajamas we all know and love. And I might have played a few holiday tunes to get me "in the zone" already... I know, way to beat the rush Natasha! 

THREE ||  An Organized Closet is a Happy Closet
I've been purging lately so that I can start fresh this fall with the things I actually wear, not the items that just occupy my favorite hangers. And with that, I popped over to The Container Store yesterday to rack up on some of their amazing clear shoe boxes so I could finally say adios to the dreaded boxes that have been filling up my closet shelves... I'm hoping my organizing friends Clea and Joanna will be proud :) P.S. be sure to sign up for The Container Store's newsletters as I scored a 30-pack for under $30 with my 20% coupon! 

FOUR || Friends and Family Sale Time
There are SO many retailers offering F&F discounts right now, so if you've been eyeing something super special for now [or later], it's the best time to take advantage of theise big sales events! Check out a few of my favorites going on: 

GiGi New York [use code WEAREFAMILY... ends 10/13/15]

Serena and Lily [use code STYLE... ends 10/15/15]

World Market [use code FNFWOW... ends 10/12/15]

FIVE || The New Nanny Update
Thanks for all your kind words of wisdom and thoughtfulness as we have been experiencing some big changes in our household these past few weeks. To those that said they had been nannies before, your comments meant the world to me and definitely made the entire situation so much easier. We are missing Alex, but have found a wonderful new friend to come play and the girls are definitely more resilient than I am... luckily, I was quick to stumble across The Nashville Nanny Agency, which is operated by Rachel Adkins. I can't say enough great things about her business and she truly rescued us! She was thorough, asked a ton of questions to understand what what type of nanny we were looking for, and then went to work... vetting potential candidates, setting up interviews for us, performing background and reference checks, and finally helping us find our new nanny Ellie. This service definitely helped us when were in a hurry to find a replacement and I am thrilled with how everything turned out. The girls are enjoying having a new friend, too! Looking for a nanny in Nashville? Contact The Nashville Nanny Agency here

That's it for this week's Five on Friday roundup dear friends... packing up the car and headed to Knoxville this weekend for our annual UT/GA showdown with our bestest of friends for some adult festivities and lake house shenanigans! Let's just hope the rain stays away and that we can actually WIN a game for a change... be sure to hop over to my gal April's blog to check out her Five on Friday and link up below, too!! 


  1. I have never been to the Container Store which is a complete shame considering my level of OCDness. I just googled the closest location and am already planning a trip in my head! Happy Friday!

  2. I cannot wait to place a giant holiday SugarBit order! Give me all the holiday goodies!! And I'm so happy you guys found a new nanny that you love. Your post about your nanny leaving made me cry just thinking about when/if our nanny might leave. I think I'm just going to have to adopt her so she can never get away! When you find someone you love, you just don't ever want to let them go!

  3. So glad you found a place that could make finding a new, trusting, loving nanny easier! What a weight off your back! So glad the girls are doing good! And I keep willing the Fall temps here but, keep getting only the 80's. I try to dress for the season & end up sweating my booty off by the time I walk out the door! HA!

  4. I have been in such a purge mood today and those clear boxes are making me really, really jealous! headed to donate 4 bags of stuff tomorrow first thing!!