The Quinny Zapp Xtra... Miami South Beach Style!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"They see me rolling... they hating... patrolling they trying to catch me riding dirty, ...trying to catch me riding dirty" -Chamillionaire || Ridin 
For some reason, whenever I put my little ones in a stroller, that song instantly pops in my head. Yes, I know... random, but if it keeps me feeling like a cool mom for a few more years, well, then that's OK by me. 
And speaking of all things fun, you know we have a love affair with all things pink at our place, as if Jeff had a choice, and when my friends at Quinny asked me if I wanted to test out their new special edition Zapp Xtra South Beach Collection, I kindly screamed with excitement over adding a fun pastel pink to our stroller lineup. 
First things first, the high level specifics... yes, it folds easily to fit in small places, has more than adequate under carriage storage, converts into a number of convenient and comfy forward and rear-facing positions, and is compatible from birth [with their handy dandy carseat adapter].  
 testing out gadgets and gear... my little product enthusiast
ahhh... this must be the life
 she's getting the hang of it, isn't she??
 so easy to get in and out
 comfy seat, easy to strap safety harnesses, and a cover that actually covers 
now it's little bit's turn
 easy does it my little daredevil
Other favorite details include a FULLY reclining position... which both of my little ones seem to enjoy! Umm yes, I wish I had a chair that did that, too. For a single stroller, it is really lightweight, but still sturdy and safe.

Another little tidbit I found helpful was the swivel wheels which makes it a BREEZE to maneuver with one hand... like when I am sipping on coffee during shopping trips. And don't forget the extra long sun canopy to shield that precious cargo from those harmful UV rays. Got a sporty little dude?? They have it in BLUE, too! 
Let's face it... my girls are growing up and it's rare that I can get both of them to ride anymore when we're out and about so this single option is a winner for all of us. No more mini meltdowns and a happy day out for all ;). 
 nightly walks with daddy and chloe made easier with our new pink wheels

 my little sidekicks don't mind pushing
Looking for more information or want to purchase this signature style for yourself? You can find them online at Albee Baby, Buy Buy Baby and Bel Bambini.

**As always, thanks to Quinny for partnering with me on this collaboration. All expressed thoughts and opinions are my own. Hope you enjoyed this BRIGHT feature. 


  1. They obviously love it! It's such a nice looking stroller too, so I don't blame them at all! I love how versatile it is!

  2. Looks like it would be a must have for new moms !