Caroline and Carson's Favorites... 2 and 3 Year Edition

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's been a bit since I have done a round-up of the girls' favorite things and I think it is always a fun opportunity to share with some of our most recent hits that can keep their attention for more than 5 minutes... and make great gifts to give other littles for birthday parties and celebrations! 
First up, I've sung the praises of this travel-friendly companion before, but if you didn't scoop one up, you need to NOW. The Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books allows them to "paint" with a water paintbrush, and then once it dries, they can do it all over again! They have a ton of options including Fairy Tale, Vehicles, Makeup and Manicures, and Sea Life just to name a few. 
Next up, we have the Kid O MagnaTab Sets in Free Play, Alphabet, and Numbers. We have all three of these and I can't say enough wonderful things about these learning toys. They help you master how to create shapes, numbers, as well as anything else your heart desires and for right at $20, they are a fantastic gift to give others... and yes, I might play with them, too. 
Moving on to bigger items that occupy our playroom which include the Land of Nod Striped Teepee and Melissa and Doug Activity Table. These are essential for playdates and when we have a rainy day and are confined indoors. We use them everyday and they help us use our imaginations for playing pretend, assembling our pretty pink wooden train set, putting together our magnatiles, and when we have an around-the-house version of hide and seek. 
In terms of other playroom entertainment, we ALWAYS have an assortment of DVDs on hand for lazy Sunday afternoons... recent favorites [that have been featured more than 34647393 times on our TV] include Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, and of course Carson's go-to, The Wizard of Oz
And speaking of our favorite Emerald City, if your minis love any type of pop-up book, you absolutely HAVE to get them this Commemorative Pop-Up Book. It is even more stunning in person and it is one of those keepsakes I know we will have for years to come... it's a huge hit with both of our girls and I want to definitely add the Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, and The Jungle Book stories to our collection! 
Ready to head outside? Both my babies love any and all bubbles... mechanical, DIY, and everything in between. This Little Tikes Octopus Bubble Machine is easy to use and makes for a great way to entertain everyone! We also love the Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Set, and clean up is a breeze... we just wait for a rainy day shower! 
Finally, we don't want to forget our beloved sidekicks... Our Jellycats, Hoppy and Lambie, go EVERYWHERE with us and so does our new Dorothy Doll

Hoping this may help some of you friends out there in blogging land find some new goodies to spoil your little loved ones! 


  1. Thanks! So many good ideas for Margo!

  2. Magnatiles have been going strong in our house for years now! Such a great toy they can grow with! I don't know if you've seen the M&D cardboard bricks - they are another item that has been used here year and year. They would be a cute yellow brick road for your cuties!

  3. Great post, I always forget about Land of Nod, so may fun things!!!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  4. We LOVE those Melissa and Doug Water Wow books! I'd never heard of them until Mason got one for his birthday but now I'm obsessed! He loves the coloring and I love that it's mess free! I'm stocking up for Christmas gifts!

  5. the dorothy doll is too cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams