Birthday Shenanigans and Weekend Rewind

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It took me two days to wind down from the birthday last weekend... and yes, having one [or three] too many adult beverages can do that to you these days my friends. Holy moly that one hurt! I finally got a chance to decompress, get back to the regular daily grind, and I wanted to make sure I gave a little love for some friends who made my #32 so special! 
My day started out with champs... only fitting, right? Makes the work BIRTHday way more fun! Then I got serenaded by the two sweetest littles in all the world... and no, nothing is better than getting to hear them sing "Happy Birthday"... I hope I never forget the sound of their voices at this age!! They couldn't wait to help me open my presents... handmade gifts from the pottery studio: coasters with their handprints and a fun new jar to hold my k-cups. Keepsakes I can hold onto forever! 
The girls were off to Mimi and Pap's house for a sleepover for the night so I had a fun lunch date at Local Taco and then spent the afternoon taking it easy and resting... I know, I could get used to this! 
Then it was time to get ready... a night out with my nearest and dearest was just what the doctor ordered and of course Jeff had everything all taken care of. And of course I couldn't wait to put on my new romper that I got from the girls at The Mill, my go-to boutique for the cutest apparel and accessories. 
Meg and Aaron came and met us at our place and then we hopped on Uber to venture out downtown for pre-dinner cocktails at Silo... which just happens to have a fun, relaxing bar. And P.S. I will forever recommend The Paloma as a favorite cocktail option|| tequila + lime + agave syrup + soda + grapefruit. 
Then it was off to dinner... we walked from Silo to 5th and Taylor, the newest hot spot in town, and I had been dying to eat there!! Whatever the birthday girl wants, right?? The ambiance was beyond gorgeous and we will be back for certain... just be sure to make reservations a month or so in advance and definitely order the Beef Zabuton, you won't be disappointed! 
Oh! And for all you celeb stalkers, Connie Britton was sitting directly across from us... luckily we didn't go paparazzi on her and her dining companion, but we MAY have just stared and tried to play it cool instead ;). Lauren and Andy came to meet us for post-dinner drinks at the restaurant, so of course we just HAD to order dessert, too... it was a wonderful night celebrating a new year of life, and opening some amazing pretties. 
And thanks to some helpful "accomplices" who made sure my day was extra special! OXOX


  1. Love the coasters with little handprints !!!! Great b-day idea :)

  2. Isn't it funny the time it takes to recover now a days?! Champs is the only way to start a birthday and that handprint is too sweet! Love your birthday outfit and the whole day looks like a great one! Happy Belated Birthday, lady :)