Carson's 2nd Birthday Wishlist

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Party planning is moving at a fast pace this go-around as I have left someone's birthday celebration slip up on me!! I have been jotting down goodies for her presents as well (some for us to gift and some for loved ones) and I know our little "Tink" is going to LOVE tearing into some of these new prized possessions... let's face it, we have an array of toys so we're not lacking in that department, but this mama has a feeling her littlest nugget is going to be OVER THE RAINBOW [haha, get it??] over a new activity table and PINK train set!


  1. Great list! We have those blocks for our 18 month old and they're a hit. :)

  2. Kimber just got a bubble mowers at her 2nd birthday party last weekend and loves it!

  3. I cant believe Im having to make a 1st birthday wish list all ready! Where do the days go?!