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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Looking for a fun way to spruce up your walls with some fabulous new art? I am always on the hunt trying to find new shops and small businesses to support and today I'm featuring the fun, colorful designs from Love Lucy Jah
Love Lucy Jah prides themselves on creating fantastical paintings for a brightly decorated life.  After all, life is simply too short to have dull art hung on the walls of your home (amen to that!)
Founder and creator Lucy Brinckerhoff opened her shop on Etsy in early 2015 as an outlet to share her love for all things creative and original with the world.  Though the shop may be little, it is off to a fierce start and they are excited for the incredible journey in store!
Lucy finds great comfort in being able to dive back into each memory and be there again. Art makes her feel things that words cannot. Whenever Lucy feels strongly about something, or goes through an emotional crisis, she responds best by somehow giving form to those feelings in art - by bringing this crazy, small little world to life in a beautiful and visually appealing way. 
A little background: Lucy grew up in Washington, D.C. and has always had an eye for the colorful, fabulous things in life. Many assume that our nation’s capital is just full of old buildings and government monotony – but Lucy always saw her home city for something different. She saw colorful graffiti, street art, and soon enough, she found her inspiration to join the creators of the world. As such, Lucy moved to the creative capital of the world – New York City. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts with her Master’s Degree in fine arts in 2014. Now, she’s injecting color, creativity, and love into each painting. Bring a little love into your home – from LoveLucyJah. 

Check out some of my favorites from her colorful collection below! 

Super talented, right?? Loving how versatile her style is and I can see these in so many places throughout a home... from a glammed up playroom to a super colorful office to lining longer hallways for some instant pop... conversation pieces for sure! 
Interested in winning a piece for yourself? Enter below for your chance to win ANY piece from the Love Lucy Jah collection! 

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  1. gorgeous prints! that girafee one would look so cute in a nursery :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams