My Black Friday Shopping Guide

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The crazies are getting ready to come out and we all know it...and yes, I can say that because in fact, I am one of them. Now hear me out before you judge: no, I don't sleep outside overnight to get $10 off a TV or anything like that, but Mimi and I have been known to get up at the crack of dawn, get our coupons out, and hit the town on a major caffeine fix to stock up and save on some holiday gifts.
I thought I would list out some of my tried and true ways to help make this Black Friday a successful shopping event for those of you brave enough to venture out!

One. Do Your Research
Yes, you need to do your homework...make a list of all the items you're looking to score and be realistic with yourself. Chances are, traffic will be a hot mess, things won't go exactly as planned, and rank your list according to items that are absolute musts to check off. I wouldn't focus as much on the small stocking stuffers as much as the larger items that will undoubtedly sell out early. You may not have the opportunity to visit every store on your list, but you'll be able to develop a plan of action to get as much done as possible.
Also, check out websites that have listed Black Friday deals already so you can know what they are offering, times for each sale (if applicable), coupons needed, etc. My favorite sites include, Be Frugal, and Black Friday. FYI: there are a ton of apps you can download as well!
I plan to stalk a few of my favorites this year including: Target, REI, Sephora, LOFT, Gap, and Victoria's Secret.

Two. Dress Properly
Dress in layers if possible, and for the love, leave your coat in the car...nothing is worse than racking up with a ton of bags AND then having to carry around a dreadful coat, too. If you can, carry a crossbody purse so you can carry the essentials and leave the rest at home (not in the car because that is asking for someone to break in). Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as this isn't a fashion show...contrary to popular belief ;)

Three. Take a Break
If you get hot, flustered, tired, or distraught, sit down and relax and take a rest stop. Grab a red cup, munch on a cookie, and invest time in people watching...can't lie, this is one of our favorite past times and it's hilarious to see people in action!

Four. Let's All Play Nice
Tis the season for being nice, so we all need to remember to play fair on Black Friday. Don't cut people off in line, no rushing to the cashier to beat someone to checkout, and for the love, no fighting over the last of something...nothing is THAT important I promise. This is where please and thank you come in extremely handy!

Happy shopping my friends...Mimi and I will be out there bright and early Friday morning ready to tackle our holiday shopping and saving some $$$, too! And as always, I wish each of you a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday... many blessings to you and yours! OXOX


  1. i love the "lets all play nice" tip :) !! seriously pp no need to fight over things!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I'm excited about some Black Friday shopping this year! The real crazies will be out on Thanksgiving night this year (so sad that stores are opening on Thanksgiving), so hopefully Friday won't be too bad:) I think there will still be some good deals to be had, so I will be hoping to snatch some up!

  3. If I venture out I will definitely keep these in mind. I would love to know what's on your list that you have coupons for! I need some tips!

  4. Well, I'm not a Black Friday shopper but if I were I'd surely take your advise. And, "being nice" is what everyone needs to remember. It's all fun and being ugly is NOT fun in my book. Hope you come home with all that's on your list!