Favorite Daily Shopping Sites

Monday, July 28, 2014

If you're an avid online shopper like I am, chances are you subscribe to daily shopping sites, in one way or the other. Honestly, I can get overwhelmed at times, but you can absolutely score some amazing deals if you're on the hunt for a bargain, shopping for an upcoming occasion, or just needing an update in the closet or in your home. Here are some of my tried and true favorites with some tips on how to score and still be confident in your purchase:
1. Zulily
Hands down, this is the best daily shopping site when it comes to shopping for discount, last season, and basics for baby and kids. You have to be careful, though, as the shipping is pricey, and I only pull the trigger when it's a brand I know, love, and have purchased before so I can be sure sizing is OK. I love the pricing, the categories in how they show the goods (though I always use their filters to take away products I'm not interested in), and how you can stock up on holiday items early to avoid last minute crazy mom syndrome when the toy you're desperately trying to find is sold out everywhere. Another tip is not to order something you need next week...shipping turnaround time isn't the best on Zulily and I've had to cancel orders before because of waiting 2+ months on certain items to ship. I also check out the "New Tomorrow" sales tab on my mobile app to see what's coming tomorrow, so that if a certain brand is coming, I know to set the reminder tab and can logon early AM to make sure I get the goodies I want before they are gone.
2. Jane
A fairly new site in the game, Jane has a little bit of everything to offer...though I'm certain it mostly appeals to women. From home essentials (table runners, pillow covers, and tableware) to apparel, accessories, party supplies, and such, you never know what you're in store for when you receive their morning emails...and that's just the way I like it. I would sum it up as an Etsy collection of random sellers, but shipping cost is minimal and I've been impressed with the turnaround time with purchases I've made thus far.
3. Groopdealz
Everything I said about Jane above, I'll say here again. You get the jist now, this is just another destination for some major good deals in an assortment of categories...baby, kids, apparel, accessories, home decor, gifts, and all the like. Another great bargain site.
4 and 5. Joss and Main / One Kings Lane
Essentially, to me at least, these are the same sites, just made over depending on the day of the week. If one is hosting a collection of "Cottage Looks" the other will have a different sale a few days later featuring "Nantucket Necessities" or something of the like. When I was decorating our powder room, I scoured these sites for fixtures and lighting, though in the end I went elsewhere because I was nervous about the no return policy...this indecisive lady couldn't swallow the idea of not being able to return something if I loathed it once in my house. I know tons of people who have ordered a ton of items from these sites and have been impressed, so maybe I should give them another shot. I do love their artwork options!
6. Rue La La 
Amazing if you're looking to stock up on some pricier items...one day it's Gucci, the next day it's Louis, but if you are wanting something nicer than normal, this is the site I'd recommend...obviously not a purchase I make routinely, though. I'm not really a fan of their $9.95 shipping rate, but I do appreciate that a lot of their merchandise is returnable within 30 days. I have bought a few pieces of luggage/travel goodies off this site and have been extremely pleased with the turnaround time, the quality, and the description matching what I ordered.

Any others I'm missing that are must sees?? P.S. most of these have mobile apps which make it a lot easier to shop on your phone!


  1. If you like party supplies and craft stuff then join Pick Your Plum. They feature only about 3 new sales a day so it's not so much to look through. I have found cute stuff there before. I also like Sassy Steals but they are a lot like Jane (formerly Very Jane) used to be.

  2. I love Joss & Main and Jane is my weakness! They have such cute things at such great prices!

  3. I love Rue La La and One Kings Lane as well. However, I agree that the $9.95 shipping on Rue La La isn't ideal!

  4. Oh I love Pick your Plum, great suggestion! Can't wait to check out the Jane site! Thanks for recs!

  5. I am addicted to GroopDealz and Jane I shop it everyday.. One eye open and still sleeping. I've made some shipping errors during that time for sure..

  6. I'm definitely addicted to online shopping! At my previous job (which was more stressful), these sites were my stress relief. I realized I might have a problem when the UPS man not only knew my name, but knew my dog's name too! Haha. I also love Gilt...it's pretty pricey, but some really great deals on high-end products!

  7. Had not heard of Jane - thanks for sharing!

  8. Such cute things at such affordable prices!