Five on Friday...A Summer Break

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I wanted to apologize to some of you for last week's link-up issues. I think I dropped the ball on this one as I'm pretty sure I was supposed to get with Darci and learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to the Linky Tools gadget, but I didn't, so I am so sorry! That's why we didn't have the link-up working properly so that's my bad and I hope you'll forgive me.
Anyways, back to the issue at hand...our beloved Five on Friday. First of all, no we are not stopping. It's a fun weekly link-up that we (Darci, April, Christina, and I) are extremely proud of. We are so thankful to each and every one of you who link up each Friday and post your random nonsense. It's crazy to think we started out with just a handful of bloggers participating and some weeks we had more than 400 of you joining in, so THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for doing it with us.
We had a discussion about how crazy summertime is with travel and trips and family and fun and so we have decided to hit the pause button for the Five on Friday link-up for right now. We want you to go outside, spend time with your husband/boyfriend/friends/colleagues/kids/parents/etc, and live life. Summertime is full of so much fun and joy and things to do that we want to take advantage of it.
I hope that you'll understand us taking a little break from our beloved link-up, but not to fret because we will be back in session once school season rolls around again. You can't get rid of us that easily ;)


  1. Thanks for letting us know!! Have fun with your family!!! Happy Summer! :)

  2. Good to know - I was clicking everywhere last Friday trying to find the link up :) Enjoy the break :)

  3. I can't blame y'all one bit! Enjoy the summer! :)

  4. Happy Summer to all! :-)