Brand Feature...Joules

Friday, April 4, 2014

Funny enough, before I was contacted about doing a product review on, I hadn't really heard of them before...then I realized why: their a British brand and they are recently beginning to make a pretty big splash in the states with their colorful collections for women, men, kids, and baby, as well as gifts and items for the home, too.
First, I was tasked with the horrible assignment of picking out goodies for me and mini #1 (don't worry, Carson gets her fair share of blog assignments as well). It was fun perusing through their site, having a peak at all the fashionable pieces, and then finally selecting a gorgeous sweater for me and a darling outfit for CC. Here they are, and yes I selected coordinating know I love some matching attire!
To be honest, we've worn them A TON and they have held up extremely well. Easy to care for (machine washable on gentle cycle and then line dry) and I've been really impressed with how well made the baby clothes are...especially since the wee ones love to roll around, crawl around on the floor, make a mess with liquids and food, and anything else they see fit.
I love that the Joules icon is a bunny and it's embellished on most of their pieces (similar to the Polo Horse for Ralph Lauren, or the sheep for Brooks Brothers). It's a fun little tid bit of knowledge and it's a sweet little detail that makes them stand out. You can read more about the brand here.
In addition, I love their price points...friendly on the wallets and it's not the same thing that every other person is wearing. Not to mention I love the fact that they have an easy peasy option of viewing their prices in USD rather than GPB so no worries if you're not a current exchange guru (nope, I'm not even close).
Anyways, I'm always on the hunt for finding new brands to shop with, as I tend to get brand burn out from time to time and it's fun to mix it up in the closet fashions. They have just released some of their new spring items and I'm in love (though you all know I have to wait until after Easter is over to purchase)
Funny enough, I actually met with a Joules sales rep in Atlanta and will be carrying their fall line for baby and child at Sugar Bit later this year so stay tuned! More fun goodies to come :)
P.S. thanks to Joules for letting this momma have a fun time shopping online and having the opportunity to learn more about their wonderful brand and adorable clothes!


  1. Oh I'm so pleased they are making waves in the States, I love them!!! I love that they put contrasting linings and things like that just to give them a little extra pazazz! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. LOVE their stuff! They remind me a lot of Boden (are they the same company?!). So many cute things!

    And...CONGRATS on your shop! Seriously...that is so amazing! We dabbled with the idea last year, but then I went back to work full-time. You will do amazingly with happy for you!! XO

  3. What a coincidence, I just discovered Joules rain boots yesterday! Never realized they had clothes too.


  4. They have such cute clothes!!!! So glad you've picked the line up for Sugar Bits (I always call it Sugaaaa Bits!) XO

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